Month: July 2005

aches and pains

well, i seem to have fucked up my shoulder again. not much of a surprise. even the loads and loads of ibuprofen i take for it can’t do everything. even just working on the knife stuff today was hurting. i think it was because i was dancing so hard last night. it was just so great to have all that space for dancing. anyway, so i went to cornerstone, and learned some more fun ways to hurt people with a knife. before we were quite done with that, my shoulder was hurting. then it was time to do some boxing. actually, that was feeling just fine, so i decided that i could hold for the other guy’s rounds. big mistake. holding really stresses my shoulder. anyway, i didn’t even make it through his first round before i was in a great deal of pain, so i sat out for a little while and then did a round of only kicking. gads. i need a LOT more of that. what a fucking wuss. 3 minutes of kicking had me ready to drop. and besides, it reminded me that i had literally ripped open my toe dancing as well. 🙂 i thought it was just a blister, but it’s not. heh heh. my poor body. it may take it a couple of days to adjust to what i’m asking of it.

anyway, i’m relaxing with a jones soda (mmmmm… yes, i’ve missed them… this one’s a strawberry-lime) and more ibuprofen. lucky me.

mike has lent me a book on attitude in self-defense, to prepare me mentally (and emotionally) for the concept of ripping into somebody if i have to. 🙂 over the years, actually, when we were learning such joyful manoevers as sticking my thumb in someone’s eye and ripping off their ear, i’ve attempted to imagine what something like that would actually feel like. as i said to mike today, it really just seems pretty “ewwww” to me. i feel a little better about the ripping through someone’s flesh with a foreign object, but anyway, with this in mind, he has recommended to me a book list. he also suggested i try to observe an autopsy. heh. right. like you just walk into a morgue and say, “hi, i’m learning to kill in self-defense. do you mind if i watch you rip a dead body apart?” uh huh.

no, really… i’m a nice person. really!


GROUND ZERO… ROUND TWO. depending on shoulder, we’ll see about how much dancing i do this time. maybe if i didn’t fling my arms around so much, i wouldn’t have so much trouble with this. or maybe more tequila would help.

very sad news

well, dwain and the guys at motoprimo had sad news for us today. in addition to the valve work we were expecting, the lovely bike also needs new fork seals and they don’t have the parts. thus, we have no transportation until monday or possibly tuesday. super bad. super sad.

that means NO RIDE ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON, to those we’ve discussed that with. much sorrow.

had a lovely day today, hanging out with christian, jillian and febbi. but now i have to get ready to go to cornerstone, so there’s no time for more typing.

report on bondage-a-go-go thursdays.

hello hello. it’s 2:30 a.m. and we have just arrived “home” from ground zero. it was fantastic to be there again, and see the people who showed up to see us. yay! and now i will report:

holy shit. what happened to thursday nights???? there were many ugly people and tourists. what’s up with that? the place was pretty dead, too. but the music was great. we were especially happy with the closing song, an old favorite: my life with the thrill kill kult’s “sex on wheels.” yay! it was really really nice to have such a large dance floor with people who moved around on it and made way if i take up space, which i always do. it is always a little disappointing dancing in maastricht’s backstage club. (see post about gothic line dancing.) but even besides the line-dancing, the space just isn’t very nice. ground zero has a wonderful space for me. always plenty of room, and you can always just tell any frat-boy tourists who stand there with beers to get the fuck out of the way. (no, that wasn’t necessary tonight.)

so, what did we do all day?

breakfast at coffee news cafe in st. paul with ceese, delaney and lucas (family). then went and saw hitchhiker’s guide with ceese and bob. we enjoyed it. i get the complaints, but it was still fun. a little shopping, then home to rest, and for me: practice with my dummy knife. then i went to cornerstone while matt napped. but mike got stuck in traffic, so i was hanging around until james showed up, and he showed me something vaguely interesting he learned in a recent double-dagger workshop. then mike showed up, asked james to put on padding, and gave me a big practice knife. james’ job: to try to grab me. my job: to slash at james and yell “get away from me, motherfucker!” at the top of my lungs. actually, it was so funny trying to scream at a friend that i did a great deal of laughing. oh well. i’ll be there again tomorrow and maybe i’ll do better.

then i dropped off the bike for maintenance at motoprimo, and jarrin picked me up in his fun jeep wrangler. jarrin has cute blue dreads now, and we were very colorful with our multi-colors flying in the wind on the highway. we met up with matt, andrue and jessica at loring pasta bar, and travis then later jen and chris duden joined us. we enjoyed some food and lots of drinks. (yay, the land of proper cocktails i don’t have to make myself!!)

after the pasta bar, matt, travis, andrue and i headed over to ground zero. i had a second of whoops!! didn’t recognize jeff and zhac standing there in PLAIN SIGHT. heh heh. walked right past them. (sorry, darlin’s!!) but they were wonderfully sweet about it and didn’t tease me at all. details aside, we also got to see and dance with steve and alis. we saw a few other people we kind of know, but not so well, so apologies if anyone noticed. 🙂

zhac, baby-o, i promised you mike’s class schedule. here it is:

every day: private lessons 4-5. monday: 5-6 silat, 6-7 kickboxing, 7-8 JKD. tuesday: 5-6 boxing, 6-7 kali, 7-8 grappling. wednesday: 5-6 kali/ pekiti tirsia, 6-7 kickboxing, 7-8 JKD. thursday: 5-6 trapping/wing chun, 6-7 kali, 7-8 boxing. friday: 5-6 JKD, 6-7 kickboxing, 7-8 grappling. saturday: 9-10:30 private lessons, 10:30-11:30 kali, 11:30-12:30 JKD.

ok, that’s it for now.

WE WILL TRY TO GO TO GROUND ZERO AGAIN TOMORROW FOR CORROSION, since we hear it’s so great. hope to see some more of you there!

Ground Zero tomorrow

hello, hello!

another fun day today. i am completely worn out. sore all over. everything hurts when i move. is it the training, or the motorcycle, or what? argh. well, it’s a “good pain,” i guess.

just to let anyone who’s interested know:


yes, we have been informed of the friday night industrial night, but we have some friends who won’t be in town after thursday night, so it seemed a good time to see them. if we have energy, we may go to gz friday as well. we’ll see. sadness, i will not be able to take the motorcycle, as it will be at motoprimo until friday afternoon, getting an overall checkup and also new valves.

i have only a guess as to what time we’ll be there tomorrow. maybe around 11, but don’t hold us to it exactly. hope to see some of you there!!!

oops.. TUESDAY in minneapolis/st. paul

ok, i know, to any of you maastricht people reading, that i said i’d update a picture a day, but i don’t have one for today. so sorry.

today was good. ran out of gas on highway 36, just east of snelling, heading west. bad place to run out of gas, since there’s NOWHERE to push it to. fortunately, we were on our way to meet up with mel and dwain for late breakfast at sunny side up, so they brought us gas. yay! turns out the switch to turn to the reserve tank was broken, and we’d already used up the reserve. and it seems i get pretty crappy gas mileage, what with those fancy racing pipes and all. oh well.

hung out for several hours in the afternoon with matt’s family, then i went to cornerstone. i had a half-hour private knife lesson, then stuck around for panantukan, which was great. james was there, whom i’ve of course not seen for almost 2 years, so it was great to hang out with him. i was super high from all that punchin’ and kickin’ by the time i got home, and was difficult to shut up. we ate dinner then headed out to some school in prospect park for a free concert by machinery hill. turns out i’ve seen them before, at cedar cultural center, several years before. good music. we took bob (matt’s dad, again) with us, and met up with claude, rachel and scott. it was a good time.

then we went to some cafe called cupcake for something to drink. yummy mini carrotcake muffins. 😉 lots of cream cheese frosting!!! but they closed and rachel went home, and the rest of us went to some cafe next to mears park in downtown st. paul. i had rootbeer! i haven’t had rootbeer in forever. mind you, it was boring mug rootbeer, but even so! now if i can just remember to get my hands on some henry weinhardt’s!!!

so, we’re back at the house now. it’s been great chatting with so many people today!! i am sadly remiss in calling many of you. sorry, i am easily distracted by those who call me. i will try to be better. i promise!!

i have plans pretty much all day tomorrow, and i suspect they’ll not be much to type about here, so if i don’t add anything, hey… i promise i didn’t wreck the bike and die!!

i keep feeling like i’ve got all the time in the world, and there’s no need to rush to making plans, but i am trying to remember that everyone else has plans too, and can’t just drop everything to deal with my lack of schedule. sorry. matt’s not helping much, since he seems to want to keep everything free in case his family wants to do anything, but they’re not really making much in the way of definitive plans. it’s moment by moment here, hence the problem.

well, i think i’m again having “type when you’re half asleep” mopes, so i’ll knock this off and go to bed.


reunited at last!!

it’s been a long day, and a great one. it started early. matt woke up sometime around 5:30, and went downstairs to check if the luggage had ever arrived. it had!! by 6:00 we were both up and about. matt went to the early aikido class at twin city aikido. i thought about running, but didn’t. i did the crossword puzzles in the star tribune instead. 🙂

at 9, we were at mel’s, picking up a jacket that matt could borrow for the day on the bike. shortly thereafter, we went to visit dwain at work at motoprimo. what fun. we were there for about 3 hours, trying out stuff and chatting. then matt and i headed out, to run a couple of errands before we needed to go to the government center to meet j.r. for title transfer, etc.

riding around gets better minute by minute. oh, i really love this growly bike. mmmmm….

at three, we met todd in calhoun square, and went for vietnamese food and then … todd and i shopped for panties at urban outfitters. 🙂 heh heh… when girls get together…

and then i was off to cornerstone martial arts. matt went off with todd to shop for dvd’s, etc.

class was fun. i got there just before they started the silat class, which i had no intention of participating in, but wanted time to chat and reunite a bit. it turned out the silat class was more of a grappling class this time, but it was fun to watch. then it was time for kickboxing. yay! but i’m way out of shape. 3 rounds had me pretty much dying. really. it didn’t help that i was getting pretty tired by then. anyway, i’ve set up some private lessons in addition to the every day classes i’m going to attend. we’ll probably only do 2 private lessons a week, for these two weeks, but still… yay! it’s good to be back. my shoulder is giving me some trouble, but that’s what ibuprofen is for (food of the gods).

then i headed back to the house for a shower before meeting matt, todd, mel and dwain at motoprimo. we went over to lessa’s house (a racer chick dwain knows) to check out some vintage leathers. nothing suited me, but matt got this great red and black set. fantastic. it looks like it was made for him. shit, i should have gotten a picture. and dwain bought a motorcycle. i can’t remember what it was. an old, adorable yamaha. and then we headed over to the chatterbox pub, where we ate, and then ran into caly, cali, scott and a friend. yay!! caly has suggested a ride perhaps this weekend, so …


i’m not yet sure which works better for us, to be honest. we need to finish planning things with matt’s family.

about 9:30, mel needed to go to hang out with jonny, todd had to go to drive back to winona (poor boy), and dwain had plans to meet up with nick at triple rock. so matt and i headed over there.

a pleasant night. a fantastic day.

considering all the plans we’ve got for tomorrow, i should probably be done with this and go to sleep.

pictures of the new bike…

ok, darlings… here is the new bike! i love it. it also has a little cover thingy for over the passenger spot, to make it cooler! and a small windshield. tomorrow dwain will be assisting me with some other small details that are very important. and there’s me, wearing mel’s boots, gloves and jacket, since my luggage still hasn’t arrived. the helmet is my new one, acquired by dwain!

and here’s me about 2 minutes after leaving j.r.’s house. yay.

The Speed Triple is MINE!!!!

yay yay yay yay yay!

dear dick, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

picture to follow in next post, as i’m having some difficulty.

in other news, had a nice day today. went to breakfast with mel and dwain (and matt’s dad bob and stepmom ceese) at the seward. yum. then went to see beautiful motorcycle.

it is now mine. heh heh heh. i gloat.

spent several hours at psycho suzi’s drinking delicious crazy cocktails and eating yummy food. mmmm. and saw dylan and emily, too. yay!

then shopped a little. then brought motorcycle home. must name my new bike, so can stop saying the whole word. yes.

ok. that’s enough for now. tomorrow we’ll be trying to take care of all the new motorcycle paperwork etc. yay!


Luggage Late

we’re in minnesota. we got in later than expected due to some parts failure on the plane. and our luggage didn’t make the transfer in amsty when we came in from brussels, so we are a bit annoyed. you people cannot call me yet. i have no phone. it is in my suitcase, and then it will need to be charged. right. also, we have no toiletries, no warm weather clothes, no clean underwear, no motorcycle gear. are we grumpy? yes. anyway, the airport says they’ll have it to us by 3pm today, so in the meantime i’ll be test driving a motorcycle naked. heh.


i have just got off the phone with t-mobile customer service, to ascertain that my mobile phone will be active while we are in the u.s. INDEED IT WILL. yay!

so, you can reach me at the following number while i am in the u.s., even while i’m on my road trip.


you can also text message me there, if you, like me, find that happily cheaper and more convenient.

matt can be reached on his mobile, too, but it is a netherlands number: 011 31 63 011 6747. he can also be sms’d.

we are very very excited to be almost on our way.