Month: December 2008

hey! i WON something!!!

Uw gewonnen prijs
1033e Staatsloterij (trekking 10 december 2008)
Mijn Eindcijfer(s) of nummer Gewonnen prijs (bedragen in €)
CY 041501 8,50

i got a free lottery ticket with a moving package a few weeks back.  yesterday was the lottery date, and i actually remembered to check it.  and i won!  not much, but hey!  the last thing i won ever was free tickets via the radio to a beatles cover band in spokane, washington.  woo hoo!


well, i was finally tempted away from my fast (which was really just that i didn’t like anything here in amsterdam after the weekend’s lovely food) by ethiopian food last night at addis ababa restaurant, then turkish pizza veggie style today for lunch.  getting normal again…

we planned on seeing a movie at OT301 after dinner, but i was too tired, and we were too late anyway. 

Lyon and Girls’ Weekend

well, i am feeling adequately recovered from Girls’ Weekend in Lyon to write a little today.  it might have been a little insane to take a weekend away immediately after returning from the US.  i am exhausted.  yesterday i came home from work and fell asleep in my work clothes while petting my cat.  i woke up a short while later, changed into sweat pants & tshirt, and fell asleep again.  i woke up again around 10:30, was up reading for around an hour, then fell asleep again.  i still LOOK tired, but am slightly less comatose today.

Cut to weekend description