Month: May 2008


Hey there world of people I know!  Yes, i know i still need to blog about my road trip… will get around to it.  this is my first moment online since stockholm, and this takes precedence…

are any of you in dublin or know anyone who’d like to have a beer with me in dublin?  i will be there on thursday the 22nd (next thursday).  my flight arrives around 6:30 pm, and i’ll go straight to my hotel not far from grafton street to check in, but then i’d love to get out and see someone for either dinner or a drink after i’ve eaten something somewhere.  doesn’t matter.  i’m in town to see my dad, who arrives friday sometime, so i want to find something to do thursday evening… hell, even if you don’t know anyone or aren’t in dublin, good suggestions would be welcome.  pubs to head to… good cheap eats (or not so cheap also ok)… i’ve never been there and love suggestions.  we’re doing some tours with his tour group on friday and saturday, so “sights” probably are covered, but even so… if you particularly want to stress something cool – yay!

thanks in advance, and perhaps i’ll see you soon!