Month: October 2008

combichrist and the IT guys…

so last night was the long-awaited and oft-rescheduled drinks at the offices of our IT guys.  their office, it turns out, is a perfect little dance floor.  wood floors, high ceilings, no big windows for people on the prinsengracht to gawk in at us through…  so after listening to a bunch of stuff, i took over with combichrist, suicide commando, and grendel, which were what i was thinking about at the moment.

a good time… 🙂  the combichrist went over particularly well.  yay! 

naturally there was drinking.  come to think of it, although i’d love to tell the stories of what my colleague got up to with the gorgeous one, you never know who might be reading these things. 

i’m ravenous this morning.  i’ve eaten 2 croissants, a banana, a bakje of red grapes, and 3 lattes (counts as food, there’s so much milk).  have been offered some muesli bread, soooooo…… going to go get me some.  this is a lot for a non-breakfast eater.

film review opportunity

my colleague reviews films for a radio station, and they recently lost one of their other reviewers.  they’re looking for another reviewer – 1 film every other week.  you get to choose (with some overseeing) what you watch/review, and you can record the review either at their studio in hilversum, or if you have access to a soundproof recording studio, you can record it wherever you like.

they will pay you, they won’t pay for another studio space. 

by the way, this is an english-language program.

tami, i know you might be interested or know someone who is – they can email her directly:

sudden decision

matt and i are coming to minneapolis.  both of us this time, not just matt.  we found cheapish tickets.

i have a question for minnesotans: 

does anyone know anyone who would be willing to "rent" a car to us, so that we don’t have to pay the outrageous fees from the rental agencies?

for that matter, does anyone understand the liability coverage requirements of the rental agencies?  we always seem to run into trouble, which i’m trying to avoid this time, because we MUST have a car to drive around.

yay!  see people soon!