Month: August 2007

birthday party upcoming

hello there.
matt and i are discussing my upcoming birthday, and we’re having a party on the 14th of september.  those of you in the area should consider yourselves invited.  and if you don’t get an email in the next day or two, should let me know, because perhaps i don’t have your email address.  those of you not in the area but who’d like to come should also consider yourselves invited, but you’re on your own for accommodations.  our guest bedroom is spoken for (you know who you are), and we don’t want sofa/floor crashers this time.

actually, i would consider this a lot simpler if you could send me an email if you want to be included in our email list of invitees (whether i might already have you or not).  yep.  it’s the end of the work day and i’m feeling lazy.  pity, that!  🙂

busy and tired

wow.  it was a great weekend.  i joined matt in london for fun with new friends felicia and alessio.  serious sleep deprivation, though.

got back to work this week and … now that wendy’s back from vacation, i’m busy busy busy.  it’s hard to get 2 seconds free.  but it’s nice, too.  the day passes so fast.  and we’ve been enjoying really awesome lunches.  🙂 

today i looked at another apartment for sale.  i liked a lot about this one, but i don’t think i want to make a bid.  i wasn’t happy with the bedroom or inability to close a “creative space” off from the rest of the house.  we’ll see.

house viewing

well, matt and i have decided to start the apartment hunt again this month. the decision was made due to 2 gorgeous apartments coming up into my radar. i had to see them. i have just returned from the first.

1e Tuindwarsstraat 8-II was gorgeous.  2 floors, with one nice-sized terrace off the back bedroom, and a roof terrace planned with an entrance from the same bedroom (agreement with neighbors already taken care of, new roof laid, stairs/door made, permit applied for).  the view out the windows was not bad, for the jordaan.  mostly open view, only one window into someone else’s apartment.  the kitchen/dining/livingroom space was wonderful.  really excellent.  very nice kitchen.  problems:  parking (both for motorcycles and bicycles), storage.  there is enough daily storage in the apartment, but no bigger and less-accessible storage, for such things as old books and … luggage.  will decide later tonight if we will bid on it.

next week i will see the other, and comment.

i know, i never commented on summer darkness.  🙂  i had a great, if sober and uncaffeinated, time.  it was fantastic to see so many people, and finally find quieter spaces to chat with them.  i have happily discovered that i love going to tivoli

oops.  leaving early.  gotta run!   joining a colleague out shopping.  🙂

quick question for you scots out there…

i went to the dark city website.  hi!
but i couldn’t find next year’s dates.  wgt is may 9-12, and i’m also hoping to ride my motorcycle to st. petersburg in may.  planning is thus required, and well in advance.  the good news:  apparently work is crazy in april, and again in june, but usually quiet in may.  should be able to take some time off!  yay!

ps. it was great to see and meet you guys!

more thoughts later.

grumpy at colleague…

yep.  barely over a week at the new job and i’m grumpy at a colleague.  it’s the girl i’ll be replacing, actually, who is basically just taking up space and browsing the internet.  for all i care, she can browse all she likes, but she keeps handing ME things to do, then sitting in the only spot i’ve got to do them while i crouch on a hard little extra chair, using my lap and the corner of the desk for workspace.  argh.

she’s been “chatting” all day, and reading about pop stars on the stupid gossip sites.

grump grump grump.

upon finishing the last task, i asked to use the computer for a minute, showed her where i put the stuff for “us” to do, and she said “sure,” then promptly left to go shopping.  well, at least she’s out of my way.  argh.

well, going to get over it right now.  so there.

hello everyone,

glad to hear about everyone who WASN’T harmed in the bridge collapse yesterday in minneapolis.  very glad.  but does anyone have news on anyone who WAS hurt?  those people aren’t likely to send out their own posts, and besides, not everyone is on lj.  please?  thanks!