Month: January 2009

my new toy

ah, my new baby.  La Pavoni Europiccola.  how did it enter my life?  a history, in brief:

12 years ago:  first taste-tested, among many others, La Pavoni.  it was delicious.  of the counter-top espresso machines that are available, i thought La Pavoni made the best I’d tried.  i wanted it, but alas, these things are damn expensive.

friday:  was looking for things we actually need on Marktplaats (like dutch ebay), and decided to enter "pavoni" in the search option, just in case.  an obvious coffee geek was selling this baby, asking price 250euros, along with a very nice grinder.  from his description, i was pretty sure it was lovingly maintained.  there was another bid in, for 150 or something.  i double checked the coffee geek websites for current reviews, prices, and decided that, since a new one runs about 800 euros, that 250 for both was great.  so i offered it.

then i called matt, who said:  if you’re so enthusiastic, why not just call the guy and see if you can get it tomorrow?  so i did.  and i could.  so i arranged for a Greenwheels car to go pick it up, and went off to a party.  where i babbled about La Pavoni to anyone who’d listen.

saturday:  with dick acting as navigator to read my TomTom rider (i don’t have a car hookup), i headed for a sport hall in Noordwijkerhout, where the (previous) owner was preparing for a concert that evening (Golden Earring, who were famous for "Radar Love", and no, i don’t think the guy was in Golden Earring, but perhaps in the opening act?).  He and I talked brief coffee geek talk, i paid, we put the machines in the car, and I drove off. 

we got back just in time to make a few cappuccinos (for me, matt, and dick) which were PERFECT then matt and i ran off to another party, where i babbled about La Pavoni to anyone who’d listen.

sunday:  drank WAY too many cappuccinos.  crashed sometime around 5pm really really HARD. 

and here is the grinder, for further happiness.