Month: April 2006

long long time

hi! well, erik… i guess i respond to nudges! here i am. funny, i was thinking about lj yesterday for the first time in ages. i’ve been busy.

tomorrow we go to MN for molly and kenny’s wedding. don’t anyone get excited: we won’t be there long enough to do anything. except start up my bike and zoom around as much as humanly possible. yay!

we’ve been travelling, almost incessantly. spent last weekend in delft with dick, the weekend before in scheveningen. this weekend minnesota. weekend after um… i can’t remember. always something. i’m planning 2 visits to paris. 1st visit beginning of may to see michi, who will be there. 2nd visit end of may with mel, who is coming for a 2 week visit! yay again! we’re going to rome for a week in june. yay again! lots of travel. we’re broke. ugh. but having a great time.

we may be moving soon. it’s hard to tell. making it difficult to decide whether to ship my bike over here now or wait a couple of weeks. weeks drag into months… you know how that goes!


oh yeah… new hair. i’ll do photo soon!