Month: October 2007

Phone number U.S.

hello!  i have just called in to check on my prepaid balance for when i get in, and i’m happy to say i still have 84 minutes that don’t expire until december.  amazing.  how long ago was the last time i was in the u.s.?  i’m not even sure.

anyway, the phone number is:  651 329 9878.
and i like text messages.  🙂  they disrupt things less.  but i’ll take calls, too.


see you americans soon!

sharon and matt, heading to the U.S.

so.  for those of you who want to know, here’s an update on our flights/agenda:

19 Oct: depart Amsterdam 9:50 a.m.
              arrive Minneapolis 12:00 noon.

      Bob’s award ceremony 5:30pm-8pm latest likely

20 Oct: Bob’s talk (no idea what this is) 8:30-10:30 a.m.

21 Oct: Feigal family brunch 10am-2pm
             depart Mpls 1:55 pm
             arrive El Paso (really going to Las Cruces) 8pm

24 Oct: depart El Paso 8:30 am
             arrive Seattle 2:48pm

30 Oct: depart Seattle 12:15
             arrive Mpls 5:39pm

3 Nov: 4pm Zhac & Kel’s thing – until 8pm

4 Nov: depart Mpls 7:15 p.m.

5 Nov: arrive Amsterdam 11am-ish

any already planned interesting parties/outings/etc that we might be interested in.  we’ll have car access of our own in both of the longer stays (seattle and minneapolis), although none is planned for either of the short stays (las cruces and minneapolis 1st time), so if you’ve got something for that first minneapolis stay, we’ll need transportation too.  oh, and i don’t think we’re planning anything in new mexico.  just hanging with my mom & stepdad.  i NEVER do that, and i promised. 

as for planning things, we’d like to take it a little easy, but let’s just see.

nathan, i’ll contact you separately…. (cue scary music, nah….)