Month: January 2007

finally! a post!

hello hello!  so, every time i’ve tried to post for a long time now, my computer has completely shut down as soon as i start to type in the subject line.  very weird.  anyway, i’m on matt’s computer, since he’s home sick and i have nowhere i need to be yet.

news:  we bid on an apartment saturday.  and yesterday, someone put in a bid that we can’t possibly match.  or we could, but we’d be screwed when anything happened that needed repairing.  so we had to let it go.  bummer.  it was gorgeous.  the top floor of 3 buildings, on prinseneiland.  it had everything we wanted, including a full downstairs atelier for matt’s papermaking, which he plans to get pretty big and messy with as soon as he has adequate space to do it in. 

oh well.  there will be others.

saturday night, which was matt’s birthday, we drove to waregem, belgium for a concert:  alien sex fiend!  i’m glad we went… i’ve wanted to see them for years, and we met lots of people there, but the show was actually pretty disappointing.  oh well.  it was still a great night.

espresso cart planning still moves along.  slowly.  i may have found a builder.  but i need to get a few more pieces of information for him.  and i’m going crazy trying to do espresso stuff and housing stuff at the same time.  i just need some downtime.  ugh.  wouldn’t i love another one of those stupid beach vacations like annemette and i took last january!  ha!  no time for one this year.  anyway, i have little more to say right now… just happy to have a chance to say it.

going to maastricht for the weekend.  things to do there.