Month: June 2007

hello.  well, here i am, still drinking coffee and sitting at the computer at 1:15 p.m. on a friday afternoon.  is it friday?  yes.  and i don’t work tonight.  yay! 

what’s been up? 

well, as those of you who attended it 5 years ago, last thursday marked the 5th anniversary of our wedding.  we spent the evening around amsterdam, having a fantastic time just talking and goofing off, then flew to lyon the next morning to visit our friends steen and annemette, and to enjoy french food.  ah…

i ate frog legs!  i took a picture, but it’s not much to see.  so i won’t add it.  they were  smothered in garlic, and the most interesting thing was that you could pick up a piece and it was really the whole frog body, minus the head, and you just ate the meat off the legs.  and no, actually, i don’t think it tasted like chicken.  i also don’t think that alligator tastes like chicken.  frog legs had the texture of crab or lobster, actually, i thought… but i don’t know about flavor.  it was very garlicky and buttery.

other news…

well, i promised to myself that i’d get working on my espresso business as soon as scott left, but i haven’t.  well, i tried, but had some confusion of where to start, and got caught up in the small details.  in the meantime, the interesting job that i nearly got at a film rights company back before i took the waitressing job may have led to another interesting job.  the woman there, who i liked very much, passed my name on over the weekend to a friend of hers, who runs another interesting film company.  it’s much bigger, so i don’t know how flexible they will be, but i sent on my cv and a nice letter yesterday, and we’ll see how it pans out. 

i’m taking up mask-making again, and possibly for profit. 

i’m finishing up a dutch-language cookbook for dick’s dad, mostly to amuse him with my bad grammar.  🙂  and pictures.  🙂

i’ve had a bad cold the past few days.  it sucks.  i think that’s all for the cut-away.

 maybe in this case, the cut-away wasn’t necessary.  it wasn’t very long.
fool that i am.

i just wanted to do it.
it’s raining, so my brilliant idea of taking the motorcycle to the cherry farms today and buying a large crate of cherries isn’t going to work very nicely.  oh well.  i guess i’ll finish some of the projects i’ve started this past month.  and not finished. 

tonight, matt and cheryl and i (and maybe bart? no idea) are either going to see a movie, or possibly to a reading of a biography about alice b. sheldon, aka james tiptree jr.

i’m voting for the reading, but cheryl has an appointment at the vet’s, and it may not work, timewise.