Welcome to my blog! 

As most people with this link know, I have been travel blogging off and on for years, using my LiveJournal account. This is the new location for that blog!

If you are looking at this because you are also using my username, spidertangle, and you wonder who the hell I am, here’s that info: I have been using spidertangle as a handle on various sites since late 1996, when I set up my first Hotmail account. It came from a nickname my brother gave me when we were kids, mixed with a random word that made sense to me in combination. I’m pretty sure that I’ve therefore had this name longer than you, but since we don’t overlap in what we’re doing, I don’t see a problem. Go on doing your thing. It seems cool.

For everyone, no… I haven’t had time to make this all pretty and customize it as I’d like to. I’m busy doing last-minute prep for my upcoming trip, and this was just part of it. Now, at least, you can read about it if you like! Enjoy!

Thanks for reading! 


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  1. Thanks for describing the flavors, sights, travails, quirks of paradise. The photo of the elephants on the beach made me laugh out loud with how different one spot on the planet can be from another. Travel well, get home happy. love, Ceese

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