Month: June 2006

scarves in june???

because i am an idiot, i don’t know how to repair a leak in a bicycle tire. and even if i did, i don’t have a pump with which to refill it.

and so, i was walking back from delivering my bicycle to the train station bike shop, when i passed….

a 20-something dutch woman, on her bicycle, wearing a scarf.

did i mention that the thermometer in the shade on my terrace reads 30degrees celsius. it’s not at all chilly outside today. so what’s up with the fucking scarves????


good news: my bike is scheduled for pickup from minnesota today… it begins its journey TO ME!!!! (imagine that sung…)

cirque du soleil

well, here’s the latest…

as expected, christine le duc didn’t call me. but, while in rome, mariko hooked me up with a possible laundry job with cirque du soleil while they are in amsterdam.

so, yesterday i went and met with the manpower team to get the paperwork done, and on monday i will go to some kind of briefing meeting, and then the following monday the job starts.

jane, a friend in amsterdam, is letting me stay with her, in the dreaded CAT ROOM…. the cats who live in the cat room don’t yet understand human sleep patterns, so are kind of hellish. either they will be trained, or i will kick them out. 🙂

actually, i like the kitties, of course. i just don’t usually get much sleep in there!

yay!!! so, i’m excited… and now must go. student here in maybe 2 minutes.

erotic shop salesgirl?

heh heh. two days ago, i saw an ad in the window of my most-often-shopped-at erotic store, Christine Le Duc, advertising for parttime employees. so i put together a retail and customer service-oriented version of my CV (ie… very sketchy, except for espresso) and went in this morning.

fortunately, i had coffee first with my friend annemette, so i was feeling all cocky. this helps with the dutch speaking. 🙂 usually i get nervous and all ability to speak or understand dutch flies out the window. but i was fine. a very short conversation, and the salesgirl, who isn’t one of the ones who is usually in when i shop, said she’d pass it on.

i admit that it’s unlikely they’ll give me the job or even call me back, but it was kind of fun to try. i’ll stop by and check on it when we get back from rome in a week. it would be pretty cool to work there 12 hours a week. i like the shop a lot.


hi… i was thinking about this, but didn’t have the chance to get online and do it…


been thinking about you both lately. could use another road trip, and you’re both usually on my visit list. 🙂 unfortunately, next road trip will be on this continent, so that’s out.