long long time

hi! well, erik… i guess i respond to nudges! here i am. funny, i was thinking about lj yesterday for the first time in ages. i’ve been busy.

tomorrow we go to MN for molly and kenny’s wedding. don’t anyone get excited: we won’t be there long enough to do anything. except start up my bike and zoom around as much as humanly possible. yay!

we’ve been travelling, almost incessantly. spent last weekend in delft with dick, the weekend before in scheveningen. this weekend minnesota. weekend after um… i can’t remember. always something. i’m planning 2 visits to paris. 1st visit beginning of may to see michi, who will be there. 2nd visit end of may with mel, who is coming for a 2 week visit! yay again! we’re going to rome for a week in june. yay again! lots of travel. we’re broke. ugh. but having a great time.

we may be moving soon. it’s hard to tell. making it difficult to decide whether to ship my bike over here now or wait a couple of weeks. weeks drag into months… you know how that goes!


oh yeah… new hair. i’ll do photo soon!


    1. well, we’ll see… depends on where we are. don’t worry… we’ll keep you posted. we should know pretty soon what we’re doing. and we really really want you to come visit!!!

    1. i replied before, but i don’t think it went through… when and how long is your layover. you would be surprised to know that many things are possible. i have business in that vicinity next week. 🙂

      1. The layover is for 4 hours between 10:15am and 2:20pm. Though I’m not sure what the deal is with customs, etc. when we get there.

        North West Airlines 46 Class T
        leaving on Friday, 21APR2006 at 1900 from Minneapolis, MN to
        Amsterdam AMS, NL
        arriving on Saturday, 22APR2006 at 1015

        KLM Royal Dutch 1355 Class T
        leaving on Saturday, 22APR2006 at 1245 from Amsterdam AMS, NL to
        Prague PRG, CZ
        arriving on Saturday, 22APR2006 at 1420

      2. oh crap… that’s this weekend. if it were next week, it would be possible. oh well. sorry. have a great trip. as you know, i love prague!

        when do you fly back through?

      3. It’s a somewhat shorter layover on the ay back, but still around 4 hours… though a bit earlier too!

        North West Airlines 3936 Class T
        leaving on Sunday, 30APR2006 at 0710 from Budapest BUD, HU to
        Amsterdam AMS, NL
        arriving on Sunday, 30APR2006 at 0915

        North West Airlines 8611 Class T
        leaving on Sunday, 30APR2006 at 1030 from Amsterdam AMS, NL to
        Chicago,ORD, IL
        arriving on Sunday, 30APR2006 at 1200

      4. that’s hilarious. are you aware that it’s queensday? big party in all of netherlands? anyway, we’ll be in amsterdam during that time because we’re going to see sisters of mercy in amsterdam that night. i don’t know what time it starts, but i’ll keep you posted. for your information, my phone number is +31 65 085 7451. if you are in the netherlands while calling, it’s 065 085 7451, i’ll see what i can do.


      5. ha. i was wrong. since it’s morning, we’ll still be at a party in maastricht we’ve been invited to. training up later in the afternoon. sorry.

  1. Heya! Sorry,friending long overdue…my sandbox is open , and Rome awaits you!
    Question do you have good source for loose human and synthetic hair up there? can’t find any in Rome and need some…

    1. hi, yourself! you’re right… it is long overdue, and i also kept forgetting to ask matt what your lj name was. heh. well, thanks!


      yes, actually i do.. and i will see her today to check for sure. do you have specific needs? she may have to order…

      so i’ll let you know what she says today.

      1. hmm, well on hair… I need some Remy human in the tight wave, bright deep fushcia/wine to do singers hair. We found it in japan, but can’t find it since. Me, I just use the kanekalon and mix auburn/dark brown and burgundy. I actually fprefer synthetic for long braid due to lightness and repels cigarette scents well. I have thick (thogh sadly now thinning w/age) eurasian hair, takes 8 jumbo packs for me to braid myself. I’m going to look in London this weekend, if she knows of a good real (as opposed to online) shop in central London, I would appreciate the name/addy. Italian post is VERY iffy so I don’t want to mail order.

        sadly , the boat trip is off unless there are cancellations. 😦 but we could always go Morry Boogie sailing instead.

      2. hi again! well, i checked with brenn. all she knows of is a good online one, that won’t work for you. i’ll drop by and check again about london. we weren’t thinking london when i was talking with her the other day. i’ll let you know asap.


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