plans and things i’ve been up to

again i have been sadly remiss in writing. i apologize to anyone who is feeling neglected.

we have been busy. 2 weekends ago i visited michiko in paris. it was a great trip. we really just walked around and talked. it had been maybe 5 years since i last saw her. we walked around in the rain a bit on saturday night, and both of us were sick the following week. as a result, she won’t have time to come visit me here in maastricht. too bad, as i really love getting visitors.

matt’s colleague kinga stayed with us for a few days. she is hopping spare rooms and sofas for a while. she left last friday, and then jane and jonathan were here saturday night. we were all planning to run in the vise marathon, but we didn’t. we were going to do the 5k, but in the morning, for various reasons, none of us felt like it. hell, a 5k can be done anytime. who needs a marathon to plan it? 🙂 sunday we had kung fu grilling maastricht 6.

today i have an appointment to have some maintenance done on my dreads. before that, who knows? i was supposed to be in a lesson right now, but my student cancelled. yay! free time. after the appointment, i have another lesson, then a potluck.

tomorrow dick and i are going to go to the spa. yay! he’s down for a visit tonight, because one of his other friends here in town is having her thesis party tonight. afterwards, he’s crashing at our place. i like going to the spa. could go every week, happily enough. would prefer it with the option of getting a full massage. 🙂 of course!

and this weekend is the kunsttour (art crawl, basically) here in town. it’s always good, and i’m looking forward to it. and …

next week mel arrives for a 2 week visit! yay! i can’t wait!


  1. yay!

    won’t be able to visit this year, but it’s definitely in the plans for the honeymoon next year!

      1. we told you at the new years party but perhaps you’d had enough of whatever you were drinking to not remember… ;}

        but yeah, date is set for 7/7/07 and with any luck shortly thereafter we’ll be on our way out of the country!

      2. hi again! yay! yes, actually i do vaguely remember. i just suck at remembering things when i’m drinking and super-excited! 🙂

        got your party invite! thanks for that. sorry we can’t be there! have a great time!


      3. yay! yeah well, we sent you an invite just cuz…. i knew you couldn’t make it but wanted you to know you’re invited anyway! ^_^

        and i believe mr. matt has already agreed that you’ll both be in attendance for the wedding itself. *.*

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