grumpy at colleague…

yep.  barely over a week at the new job and i’m grumpy at a colleague.  it’s the girl i’ll be replacing, actually, who is basically just taking up space and browsing the internet.  for all i care, she can browse all she likes, but she keeps handing ME things to do, then sitting in the only spot i’ve got to do them while i crouch on a hard little extra chair, using my lap and the corner of the desk for workspace.  argh.

she’s been “chatting” all day, and reading about pop stars on the stupid gossip sites.

grump grump grump.

upon finishing the last task, i asked to use the computer for a minute, showed her where i put the stuff for “us” to do, and she said “sure,” then promptly left to go shopping.  well, at least she’s out of my way.  argh.

well, going to get over it right now.  so there.


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