house viewing

well, matt and i have decided to start the apartment hunt again this month. the decision was made due to 2 gorgeous apartments coming up into my radar. i had to see them. i have just returned from the first.

1e Tuindwarsstraat 8-II was gorgeous.  2 floors, with one nice-sized terrace off the back bedroom, and a roof terrace planned with an entrance from the same bedroom (agreement with neighbors already taken care of, new roof laid, stairs/door made, permit applied for).  the view out the windows was not bad, for the jordaan.  mostly open view, only one window into someone else’s apartment.  the kitchen/dining/livingroom space was wonderful.  really excellent.  very nice kitchen.  problems:  parking (both for motorcycles and bicycles), storage.  there is enough daily storage in the apartment, but no bigger and less-accessible storage, for such things as old books and … luggage.  will decide later tonight if we will bid on it.

next week i will see the other, and comment.

i know, i never commented on summer darkness.  🙂  i had a great, if sober and uncaffeinated, time.  it was fantastic to see so many people, and finally find quieter spaces to chat with them.  i have happily discovered that i love going to tivoli

oops.  leaving early.  gotta run!   joining a colleague out shopping.  🙂


  1. Unaltered

    Sober and uncaffeinated? Hmmm… that doesn’t sound like the you I know…
    -Ms. Huis Herself

    1. Re: Unaltered

      yeah well. i had a UTI, and was on antibiotics. lovely fun. hope you and family are well. sorry my present didn’t get to you.

    1. i would give up a houseboat for a big room with high ceilings and good acoustics. i miss singing in my livingroom. 🙂 oh, and i miss my beloved oven. living with a combi oven sucks the big one.

      where are you in october? we’ll be in WA. for a few days.

  2. The Jordaan is just the best ever neighbourhood you could ever want to live 😉

    I’m biased I guess 😉

    1. heh. everyone’s biased. hard to avoid. 🙂

      i like the area. but i don’t always like the apartments. many windows just look into other people’s windows. not so nice, actually. but who knows? i’ve seen some gorgeous ones, too.

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