birthday party upcoming

hello there.
matt and i are discussing my upcoming birthday, and we’re having a party on the 14th of september.  those of you in the area should consider yourselves invited.  and if you don’t get an email in the next day or two, should let me know, because perhaps i don’t have your email address.  those of you not in the area but who’d like to come should also consider yourselves invited, but you’re on your own for accommodations.  our guest bedroom is spoken for (you know who you are), and we don’t want sofa/floor crashers this time.

actually, i would consider this a lot simpler if you could send me an email if you want to be included in our email list of invitees (whether i might already have you or not).  yep.  it’s the end of the work day and i’m feeling lazy.  pity, that!  🙂


  1. I’d love to be invited, but unfortunately I’ll still be in the hospital the 14th (pretty sure of that!) or have just gotten home that day… So there’s no way I’ll be physically able to attend 😦
    Sucks, but better luck next time!

    1. 🙂 yeah, i kinda figured. good luck, by the way! i keep reading your posts. it’s amazing how long all of this is going on.

  2. No fair! I wanna come… I haven’t been to one of your parties in ages, not to mention a birthday party.

    The first time I ever went to one of your parties, I got to paddle someone… Can you remember who it was?

  3. to the tune of happy birthday…

    (and in the style of a 2-finger casiotone player circa 1983)

    nee nee nee nee nee nee
    nee nee nee nee nee nee
    nee nee nee nee nee Sharon
    nee nee nee nee nee neeeeeeeeeeeee!

  4. hey this is from mel

    crap i totally forgot your b-day
    i’m so very lame
    i will have a present waiting next time i see you
    love you hope all is well in your world

    1. Re: hey this is from mel

      heh. join the club. seems to me i still haven’t sent you a present for yours. 🙂 see you in october/november!

      1. Re: hey this is from mel

        well dwain and i were discussing it last night and we want to get you something swell…is there anything you really don’t want or need so we can avoid getting it for you

      2. Re: hey this is from mel

        🙂 heh. that’s hilarious.

        i dunno.

        i need accessories. allergic to metal touching the skin, though. and i don’t like knee socks (must be the only person i know who doesn’t).

        i have the same problem with shopping for you. i see things you’d like all the time. but then i wonder if they’re just too much stuff. any suggestions?


      3. Re: hey this is from mel

        You seem to have good taste for me. I think it is that we have similar enough taste that it just works regardless but I always like what you get me. I figured out what to get you I just need to do it now.
        Hey when are you guys gonna be in town anyway?

      4. Re: hey this is from mel

        probably though no nicknacky things i have no place to put them

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