oops.. TUESDAY in minneapolis/st. paul

ok, i know, to any of you maastricht people reading, that i said i’d update a picture a day, but i don’t have one for today. so sorry.

today was good. ran out of gas on highway 36, just east of snelling, heading west. bad place to run out of gas, since there’s NOWHERE to push it to. fortunately, we were on our way to meet up with mel and dwain for late breakfast at sunny side up, so they brought us gas. yay! turns out the switch to turn to the reserve tank was broken, and we’d already used up the reserve. and it seems i get pretty crappy gas mileage, what with those fancy racing pipes and all. oh well.

hung out for several hours in the afternoon with matt’s family, then i went to cornerstone. i had a half-hour private knife lesson, then stuck around for panantukan, which was great. james was there, whom i’ve of course not seen for almost 2 years, so it was great to hang out with him. i was super high from all that punchin’ and kickin’ by the time i got home, and was difficult to shut up. we ate dinner then headed out to some school in prospect park for a free concert by machinery hill. turns out i’ve seen them before, at cedar cultural center, several years before. good music. we took bob (matt’s dad, again) with us, and met up with claude, rachel and scott. it was a good time.

then we went to some cafe called cupcake for something to drink. yummy mini carrotcake muffins. 😉 lots of cream cheese frosting!!! but they closed and rachel went home, and the rest of us went to some cafe next to mears park in downtown st. paul. i had rootbeer! i haven’t had rootbeer in forever. mind you, it was boring mug rootbeer, but even so! now if i can just remember to get my hands on some henry weinhardt’s!!!

so, we’re back at the house now. it’s been great chatting with so many people today!! i am sadly remiss in calling many of you. sorry, i am easily distracted by those who call me. i will try to be better. i promise!!

i have plans pretty much all day tomorrow, and i suspect they’ll not be much to type about here, so if i don’t add anything, hey… i promise i didn’t wreck the bike and die!!

i keep feeling like i’ve got all the time in the world, and there’s no need to rush to making plans, but i am trying to remember that everyone else has plans too, and can’t just drop everything to deal with my lack of schedule. sorry. matt’s not helping much, since he seems to want to keep everything free in case his family wants to do anything, but they’re not really making much in the way of definitive plans. it’s moment by moment here, hence the problem.

well, i think i’m again having “type when you’re half asleep” mopes, so i’ll knock this off and go to bed.



  1. Yeah, S was pretty hyper after her knife and boxing classes… At dinner, she was nearly a raving maniac, ‘I’m going to be a bad-ass motherfucker!’, or ‘Mike asked, “What kind of knife self-defense do you want to learn? leave me alone you asshole self-defense, or get in the car now, you asshole self-defense?”‘ I know her well enough to know it was mostly the adrenaline… I think my dad was wondering what the hell happened to the nice Sharon.

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