reunited at last!!

it’s been a long day, and a great one. it started early. matt woke up sometime around 5:30, and went downstairs to check if the luggage had ever arrived. it had!! by 6:00 we were both up and about. matt went to the early aikido class at twin city aikido. i thought about running, but didn’t. i did the crossword puzzles in the star tribune instead. 🙂

at 9, we were at mel’s, picking up a jacket that matt could borrow for the day on the bike. shortly thereafter, we went to visit dwain at work at motoprimo. what fun. we were there for about 3 hours, trying out stuff and chatting. then matt and i headed out, to run a couple of errands before we needed to go to the government center to meet j.r. for title transfer, etc.

riding around gets better minute by minute. oh, i really love this growly bike. mmmmm….

at three, we met todd in calhoun square, and went for vietnamese food and then … todd and i shopped for panties at urban outfitters. 🙂 heh heh… when girls get together…

and then i was off to cornerstone martial arts. matt went off with todd to shop for dvd’s, etc.

class was fun. i got there just before they started the silat class, which i had no intention of participating in, but wanted time to chat and reunite a bit. it turned out the silat class was more of a grappling class this time, but it was fun to watch. then it was time for kickboxing. yay! but i’m way out of shape. 3 rounds had me pretty much dying. really. it didn’t help that i was getting pretty tired by then. anyway, i’ve set up some private lessons in addition to the every day classes i’m going to attend. we’ll probably only do 2 private lessons a week, for these two weeks, but still… yay! it’s good to be back. my shoulder is giving me some trouble, but that’s what ibuprofen is for (food of the gods).

then i headed back to the house for a shower before meeting matt, todd, mel and dwain at motoprimo. we went over to lessa’s house (a racer chick dwain knows) to check out some vintage leathers. nothing suited me, but matt got this great red and black set. fantastic. it looks like it was made for him. shit, i should have gotten a picture. and dwain bought a motorcycle. i can’t remember what it was. an old, adorable yamaha. and then we headed over to the chatterbox pub, where we ate, and then ran into caly, cali, scott and a friend. yay!! caly has suggested a ride perhaps this weekend, so …


i’m not yet sure which works better for us, to be honest. we need to finish planning things with matt’s family.

about 9:30, mel needed to go to hang out with jonny, todd had to go to drive back to winona (poor boy), and dwain had plans to meet up with nick at triple rock. so matt and i headed over there.

a pleasant night. a fantastic day.

considering all the plans we’ve got for tomorrow, i should probably be done with this and go to sleep.


    1. of course! we’re being a bit relaxed about making plans, since we have a whole 2 weeks this time, as opposed to our usual 4 or 5 days. we’re going to see machinery hill tonight, and we’re thinking about making a ground zero outing on thursday. matt is a bit wishy-washy about making plans, and also wants me around all of the time. if you call us, we can be nailed down better.

  1. Bleh.
    I have a “mandatory” meeting on Saturday and have been invited parasailing on Sunday… Hmm. I may opt out of either to go riding with you, though. You have the “in town from real darn far away” trump card. S4 usually works on Sundays…
    stupid schedules.

    1. so, what time is the meeting on saturday? i mean, perhaps we can fit it around that, so that you don’t have to cancel parasailing, which is definitely way cool. i’ve never done that. if i were you, i definitely wouldn’t want to skip that. and besides, that way scott could make it too. if he likes, that is. come to think of it, i’m going to go add him and cali, both of whom i’ve not added yet, to my friend list. i’m a bit slow. gonna do that now.

      1. If memory serves, meeting starts at 2pm and goes… ’til it’s done. 4:30, maybe? Sometimes We have to be there at noon instead, I can’t remember if this is one of those or not. It’s a Convergence post-mortem meeting, so really only 1 representative from our department has to be there. If memory serves I have a perfect or nearly-perfect attendance record, so I wouldn’t feel *too* bad trying to foist that off on someone else (heh). But one of us really needs to be there.

        I got an update on the parasailing thing, and looks like it’s morning only- 9am-noon. So Sunday afternoon ride might work, too.

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