pictures of the new bike…

ok, darlings… here is the new bike! i love it. it also has a little cover thingy for over the passenger spot, to make it cooler! and a small windshield. tomorrow dwain will be assisting me with some other small details that are very important. and there’s me, wearing mel’s boots, gloves and jacket, since my luggage still hasn’t arrived. the helmet is my new one, acquired by dwain!

and here’s me about 2 minutes after leaving j.r.’s house. yay.


      1. Actually, I did wonder but I just got a hostile email and I see what’s going on.

        Let me know if you’d still like to hang out.

    1. taking it with me!!!! woo-hoo!!!

      the prices we’ve gotten so far seem to show it a better deal to ship it there than to buy a similar one over there. so, first i’m riding it out to the west coast, then i’m shipping it. yay!!

    1. Wow!

      It rules!!!! Having trouble not giving in to the lure of the financial plan now…

      Must… resist… this bike is going to kill me, if I don’t ride myself to death it’ll starve me… yes, rationalize…. rationalization is good…


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