Ground Zero tomorrow

hello, hello!

another fun day today. i am completely worn out. sore all over. everything hurts when i move. is it the training, or the motorcycle, or what? argh. well, it’s a “good pain,” i guess.

just to let anyone who’s interested know:


yes, we have been informed of the friday night industrial night, but we have some friends who won’t be in town after thursday night, so it seemed a good time to see them. if we have energy, we may go to gz friday as well. we’ll see. sadness, i will not be able to take the motorcycle, as it will be at motoprimo until friday afternoon, getting an overall checkup and also new valves.

i have only a guess as to what time we’ll be there tomorrow. maybe around 11, but don’t hold us to it exactly. hope to see some of you there!!!


  1. Cool, have fun at GZ. Post a review, I don’t want to check Thursday nights out myself, but if they’ve improved at all I’d be interested in learning that.

  2. Just checking

    Heej Sharon,
    I found a Dutch word on this site! Cool! Cool weblog by the way! I have to be going…
    Greetings Chantalle

  3. I was wondering, are you going to be anywhere near Portland, OR on this trip?

    If you are and if you have time I’d love to see you.

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