Luggage Late

we’re in minnesota. we got in later than expected due to some parts failure on the plane. and our luggage didn’t make the transfer in amsty when we came in from brussels, so we are a bit annoyed. you people cannot call me yet. i have no phone. it is in my suitcase, and then it will need to be charged. right. also, we have no toiletries, no warm weather clothes, no clean underwear, no motorcycle gear. are we grumpy? yes. anyway, the airport says they’ll have it to us by 3pm today, so in the meantime i’ll be test driving a motorcycle naked. heh.


  1. i’ll be test driving a motorcycle naked

    yii! that’s what i call hardcore!
    how long are you two in town for? any group activites planned? it’d be wonderful to see you both.

    1. two weeks. ummm… we’re having trouble making plans at the moment. the heat affects our brains. i’ll get back to you about that soon.

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