aches and pains

well, i seem to have fucked up my shoulder again. not much of a surprise. even the loads and loads of ibuprofen i take for it can’t do everything. even just working on the knife stuff today was hurting. i think it was because i was dancing so hard last night. it was just so great to have all that space for dancing. anyway, so i went to cornerstone, and learned some more fun ways to hurt people with a knife. before we were quite done with that, my shoulder was hurting. then it was time to do some boxing. actually, that was feeling just fine, so i decided that i could hold for the other guy’s rounds. big mistake. holding really stresses my shoulder. anyway, i didn’t even make it through his first round before i was in a great deal of pain, so i sat out for a little while and then did a round of only kicking. gads. i need a LOT more of that. what a fucking wuss. 3 minutes of kicking had me ready to drop. and besides, it reminded me that i had literally ripped open my toe dancing as well. 🙂 i thought it was just a blister, but it’s not. heh heh. my poor body. it may take it a couple of days to adjust to what i’m asking of it.

anyway, i’m relaxing with a jones soda (mmmmm… yes, i’ve missed them… this one’s a strawberry-lime) and more ibuprofen. lucky me.

mike has lent me a book on attitude in self-defense, to prepare me mentally (and emotionally) for the concept of ripping into somebody if i have to. 🙂 over the years, actually, when we were learning such joyful manoevers as sticking my thumb in someone’s eye and ripping off their ear, i’ve attempted to imagine what something like that would actually feel like. as i said to mike today, it really just seems pretty “ewwww” to me. i feel a little better about the ripping through someone’s flesh with a foreign object, but anyway, with this in mind, he has recommended to me a book list. he also suggested i try to observe an autopsy. heh. right. like you just walk into a morgue and say, “hi, i’m learning to kill in self-defense. do you mind if i watch you rip a dead body apart?” uh huh.

no, really… i’m a nice person. really!


GROUND ZERO… ROUND TWO. depending on shoulder, we’ll see about how much dancing i do this time. maybe if i didn’t fling my arms around so much, i wouldn’t have so much trouble with this. or maybe more tequila would help.


  1. Just thought I’d comment…going into a morgue and asking if you can watch is actually not unheard of. Generally, it’s something that’ll need to be set up in advance and would be that much more likely if you did say that you where practicing self-defense and your instructor suggested a viewing to put things into perspective for you. It’s certainly not always going to happen but it does. I guess it depends on the person doing the autopsy. Either way, not something I see you doing while in the States, I’m sure.

    Oh, and…Hi!

    – Toddles

    1. really??? cool. i’ll keep that in mind. it seems kind of strange to me, but i’m glad to know it can perhaps be done. you’re right, though… i’m sure i won’t be getting around to it any time soon.

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