Day 48, Vierzon FR to Amsterdam NL– 788km

Traffic jams suck. I spent most of today lane-splitting through them. Yes, it’s faster and less sweat-drenching than waiting them out, but it’s also very tiring,  because you really have to be very careful.

Anyway, long day today, but I’m home in Amsterdam, safe and sound, to enjoy my last couple of free days with as much relaxation as possible.




  1. Glad you made it, lane-splitting and all! Thanks for all the photos and detailed entries, it made wonderful reading. Sorry it’s over!

    1. me too, but I was in Andorra, post-spa, wondering how in the world I was going to rest up in time to work again, where I should spend that time, and I realized that home was probably best! 😃

  2. Well…what a wonderful trip, Sharon! I so enjoyed “riding along” and will miss reading about your daily adventures. And your photos were wonderful and had me right there with you! Thanks so much for sharing all of it. I’m glad you’re safely home. My love to you and Matt. xo~Aunt Anita

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