Day 47, Andorra la Vella AND – Vierzon, FR — 655km

It’s been a while since I’ve done THAT. Was a really long day, and that’s about it. I drove through more of Andorra. There are no big highways there, but there’s a LOT of traffic. The roads would otherwise have been beautiful. Here’s a shot just after I nearly stopped traffic entirely and had to ride without my right glove on for a while, but then there was a turnoff with a nice view. (I was trying to take a panoramic while sitting on my motorcycle during a road blockage where one direction was allowed to go then the other. I misestimated how much more time I had.)

Anyway, if anyone is still following this, you may know that I was planning on zigzagging back and forth through the Pyrenees on the way home, getting in around the 12th. Well, some things got in the way.

1. I am tired. I suspected I might be by this point, and I am.

2. It’s a BIG mountain range. I would really have to zigzag, because roads just stop in towns, and then you have to retrace your steps back. There are passes, so you can go through, but to go back through, you end up doing a lot outside the mountains to get to another pass.

3. I am tired. Oh wait, I said that.

So I’m heading home. At first, I thought I’d do the slow route. But there was a little bit on fast route so that I could plot a route, and I got kind of happy going fast, so I did a lot of kilometers today. I went past where I thought I should stop so that I could get close enough to cut the distance in half to home. So tomorrow I have about the same distance, but all of it is on fast roads, none on slow roads. Of course, I think I’m doing the Peripherique (Paris), and sometimes you get lucky there and sometimes not. Matt and I got lucky on the way south, but usually it’s stop and go traffic. So it may be quite late when I’m home tomorrow, and who knows what traffic on the A2 (NL) will be like. Traffic usually gets much denser once you hit the Netherlands, especially once past Den Bosch. So … it may be quite late, but I’ll be home. The alternative is calling friends along the route (more fun than camping if weather or traffic slows me down that much)… this close in, that becomes an option.

So anyway, I decided I would get off the road and look for a hotel/restaurant, because I thought I’d put it too late for camping, and something is wrong with my phone so I can’t access data to search for what I need. I found a lovely little hotel/restaurant with a really cute motorcycle parked out front. I think it belonged to the desk clerk, who was very nice. They were fully booked. He called another place nearby, but they were also fully booked. He suggested another direction, where he said many hotels were located. I went that direction, but there was also camping. I went for the camping.

Cheapest camping yet, plus decent food, nice location, and friendly neighbors. 😀

So… I’m about to go to bed.

718km to go!