Day 40, Barcelona –10km

Primavera Sound Festival, Day 1.

Before going into that, great news: my bike is running great, thanks to the mechanics at this fab shop:

I took it on a little jaunt around town, also filling up the tank, which was a lot. They put in 4 liters to get me going. I put in 27 more. Holy crap! Do I have a 30L tank?!? I never put in nearly so much, so I guess I could go much further between stops.

After, we 4 went for a picnic in the park, and a little wander.

We had naps before going over to the music festival location.

Matt and I have never been to this festival before, but Laura, Deniz, Dave & Liz have all raved about it so much that we are giving it a try.

Tonight we saw two bands.

Goat reminded me very much of Sky Cries Mary. Not exactly, but very theatrical and similar atmosphere. This was just before they started.

Suede was up next, and was one of those examples of a band that maybe didn’t get as big on our side of the pond. The entire crowd was singing along in ecstasy, but neither Matt not I recognized even one song. They were very good performers, though, so we enjoyed it.

As we left, we posed for photos.

We had burgers at the nice little place downstairs from our apartment, and were planning on seeing Suun at 02:00, but Gianluca’s flight was delayed, so we are waiting for him instead. Oh well. They play tomorrow as well.