Day 39, Barcelona –0km

We took our time getting out of the hotel today, but finally it was time to go try and start the bike.

Sadly, it was a no go. Matt helped me navigate pedestrian traffic around the corner, pushing it to the mechanic I’d spoken to yesterday.

He will drain the tank, replace the fuel, and have it done either today or tomorrow. So Matt and I continued to hang out in the hotel lobby until lunch.


We ate at a nearby vegetarian restaurant for lunch, which was perfect. After lunch, I took a walk while Matt continued to work in the hotel lobby. At 15:15 we took a taxi over to meet Laura and Deniz at our holiday apartment, arriving just as they did.

Matt continued to work, but the 3 of us went by tram over to Deniz’ favorite supermarket, where we spent a lot of money on delicious things and ran into some of his former colleagues.


Back at the apartment, Matt was already gone to give a talk somewhere, so the 3 of us had a living room picnic with lots of cava. At 21:30 we left for a great tapas place they’ve been to before, and Matt joined us there. Food and wine galore, home to bed around 02:00.