Here and there

I’m writing this the next morning. I was too tired last night. So let’s see. It was a pretty good day yesterday. I woke up and walked to school, stopping for steamed bun and coffee on the way.

I worked with a woman from Montenegro. We didn’t talk much. At lunch a couple more joined our lunch group. During afternoon free practice I worked with the Irish girl, Emma, from level 1. I ripped my hippy pants, though, so we stopped early.

After, we went for some food. Then I went walking for clothes. I bought 2 new fisherman pants, a T-shirt, a jacket, a blouse, and a dress. I needed the fisherman pants & T-shirt for class. I packed almost nothing, since I have very little for warm weather & it’s cheap here.

Then I rewarded myself for successful errand with a lime icee and a tiny mango ice cream on the wonderful terrace of 3 Sis B&B. I’m totally staying there next time. They have lettuce for beautiful plants.


After some hotel planning (bangkok & koh Chang), I wandered south to Chiang Mai Gate to pick up bamboo sticky rice for breakfast. I think that’s the best place for street food in town. If it weren’t so inconvenient, I’d eat there every day.

Here are some maps. First, my route to Loi Kroh School.


Then, a route, which I will try today, to ITM.


Then, a map of the old center of Chiang Mai. The blue dot is where my guesthouse is.