Sleep deprivation

Everyone is tired today. The class isn’t making any jokes. Everyone is just staring drowsily at Alain, our teacher.

For most, it’s for a similar reason as for me: noisy noisy co-inhabitants in our guesthouses. For some, it’s jetlag, homesickness, up too late, or a combination. Anyway. I have a killer headache. After class, if I haven’t heard back from Loi Kroh School by email, I will need to go there and ask about the class next week. Otherwise I have to call Pichet tomorrow to make arrangements for next week there. Either way, I have to know tonight. After that, I’ll go for a massage and dinner then bed.

I can’t wait.

I skipped the practice this afternoon. I went one time through all the oldest stuff & the newest stuff with my lovely partner from South Africa, who was very easy to work with. I feel not perfect, but adequate. It will do for the test. I will do my homework tonight and relax. Good energy and well-rested is a better way to prepare.

So I walked a different route around the city to Loi Kroh School. I always get lucky with walk up food. Best coffee shack yet. Awesome. Best prices, too.

I shelled out 15,000 baht (3x the cost of most massage courses) for the Abdominal Detox massage course. I’m super excited. This week, working the Sen lines at ITM just made me want even more abdominal skills. Most of my classmates complained about abdomen work, but I love it. I’ve been using it more and more frequently with my clients in the past months and have had very positive responses.

So the upcoming weeks’ schedule is as follows:

Tomorrow (Friday): exam Advanced Sen Lines at ITM
Sat/Sun: finish Ruesri Datton at Loi Kroh
Mon-thurs: Abdominal Detox at Loi Kroh
Thursday afternoon: rent motorcycle for rest of trip
Friday: drive to Pichet’s to observe/ ask permission to join next week
sat/sun: Pregnancy Massage at ITM
Monday-Friday: Pichet or if I can’t, then Advanced Elbows & Knees at ITM
Saturday: fly to Bangkok, meet up with Matt at gorgeous-looking, highly reviewed historic Chinese mansion
Monday: go to Koh Chang for one week
Monday following: return to Bangkok
Wednesday: fly home.

You see that Monday to Monday stretch on Koh Chang? That’s my vacation.

Here are some pictures to amuse you. I’m sorry for the quality of visual content this week. I’ve just mostly been sitting in a classroom.


That’s my bedroom. The rug is the entrance to my WC. The window opens onto the kitchen. But I’m only paying 450 baht per night.

Here’s a delicious snack, seaweed sesame crackers:


And here’s a store made for Dick Willems:


All helmets and guitars. đŸ™‚