what day is it again??

yeah, i know i said that recently, but i’ve lost track.

ok, sunday. yeah, and i didn’t journal on saturday. so i’ll start there.

saturday: woke up, hung out with mom and cey, then headed into historic mesilla for lunch at la posta. had a blackberry-habanero margarita. good, but not as good as a chipotle margarita. should be easier to copy, though. talk to me about that in a few months. then we walked around and looked at the shops. talked some more.

then mom had a baby shower to attend, and brought me with her. we survived. it was kind of boring. cute decor, though.

then we got back to the house and hit the pool/hot tub for quite a while. finally it was dark and i was cold, so we went in. hung out a bit, then mom and cey went into their bedroom to watch a movie (they’re doing that now as well), and i messed around online and read my book for a while. and listened to music; that was key. it was really nice to listen to my music.

this morning, i slept in a little. woke at 9:00 or so. hung around for a while, helped plant some peas in the garden, then we drove to palomas, mexico, to go to the pink store.

here is lunch at the pink store (well, so far we’re only on margaritas and chips and salsa):

and here’s mom and cey shopping in the pink store:

the pink store is fun. we go there every time i come to visit, and they give us margaritas while we walk around. mom and cey bought me a pretty cool day of the dead mirror/figurine thing. i didn’t think to take a picture, so i’ll try to remember to do that later. it’s all wrapped up right now.

when we got back from palomas, we cleaned out the fridge to make room for thanksgiving shopping supplies, and then cey and i took the dogs for a walk around the block. here’s a picture of the view of their street. seriously, check out those mountains.

Then we went to see Harry potter, which was fun. I ate tons of yummy buttered popcorn, and people didn’t talk all the way through the movie, hurrah!

Back home we watched the American music awards for a while, and now I’m in bed. Yay!

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