Travel days

Yesterday I left Lincoln Creek. Glesy drove me to the train station.

Here it is, in case that’s interesting!
A guy asked me not to photo him. No problem. No, I lie… He’s on the edge of the first shot I took.

When the conductor came by to check my ticket, she said, “I bet you’re not from centralia.” hahahahaha. “Actually, I am,originally,” I told her. “oh… I guess you’re probably glad not to live there anymore!” 🙂

Then when we got to Seattle, the guy who’d asked not to be in my picture said, “so, are you glad to be getting home?” to which I replied, “oh, I won’t be home for another week or so.”. This spawned the predictable conversation, so I won’t record it.

I checked my bags in left luggage and walked to the waterfront, heading in the direction of the pike place market. I was saving my hunger for a curry beef humbow at the Chinese bakery across from the market, but when I passed ivar’s, I could think of nothing but fried oysters in hot sauce.


There were some seriously large gulls eyeballing the diners through the glass.

The woman near me took her fries out to feed to them. Sucker.

And here’s an interesting fusion cuisine:

I wandered around a bit, then got a message from Alicia that she’d be heading my way shortly after 2, so I headed back to the train station to meet her. We walked and talked, and drooled over fluevog shoes, then went to zig zag cafe to drop off the liquor Karl and Erika asked me to take. The owner, Kacy, pronounced jenever with the French j like this: “JEN aver” teehee. But he DID comp our drinks for the delivery, so he can go ahead and pronounce it however he likes.

After, we went to some fancy restaurant Andalusa for dessert and wine. alicia’s friend John usually works there Thursdays, but he wasn’t there, alas.

Then we went back to her place, and chatted some more until bed time. Here she is next to the picture frame she made for her photos after re-doing her windows:

I’ve now known Alicia for exactly half my life. Wow. Which puts interesting perspective on Michi and Nathan, the other 2 people I doggedly hang onto throughout the years. I’ve known both of them since childhood. Crazy. I met Alicia during freshman orientation for the honors program at eastern wa univ. We were wearing almost the same clothes and hairstyle. 🙂

Ok, this morning Alicia drove me to work, we had breakfast there, then I took the bus then light rail to the airport. Found a massage place, yay!

Now my layover in albuquerque has been lengthened considerably. I landed at 5:20, my next flight was scheduled to depart at 6:25, but they were delayed in Denver and I’m stuck here until 9:25. If I’m lucky.

Drinking beer and eating a burger here, I spoke with a guy married to a Swedish woman, who, it turns out, was very interested on where in wa state I’m from. When I told him centralia, he was very funny. He’s from port orchard. Honestly I can’t remember where that is, but that’s ok. We chatted for a bit, about living abroad, learning languages, and trying to fairly visit all family wherever they are. He and his wife live in Denver now and have to visit family on two continents, so he gets it.

Oh, and young hetero ob-gyn. I resisted the urge to ask him what the draw is.

Ok, clearly the beer is getting to me. We are up to the minute in updates now. I’ll go back to waiting for my flight. And drinking beer.

Shiner Bock- yum, but nothing special
Rio Grande Outlaw- dark bitter lager with a really interesting fruity bite.

Further update: my flight didn’t depart until 10:30pm. Long travel day. It’s 2am now, and I’m just getting ready for bed.

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