Last day in centralia

But 1st, just in case you didn’t believe me, here’s the hot tub at bill’s:

The lights in the background are at dad’s house.

Ok, Wednesday…
Dad had to work, and I managed to sleeping until after 9:00, amazingly! Then matt called, and we talked for a while.

Coffee, shower, and started the dough for make-your-own pizzas. A little cleaning up and also making sure I had everything I’d come with, and clean laundry.

Finally, into town to fill up the gas in the car I’d been using, and run some little errands. Wandering the aisles at rite aid, I found the art supplies and bought some watercolors and paper for the boys. Then to Starbucks to do some internetting.

I’d forgotten that Washingtonians consider coffee shops social places, where you can in fact start conversations with total strangers. I remember that when I first moved to Minnesota I was really lost because people were really taken aback if i talked to them at coffee shops. So I didn’t know how to make friends and meet people, and it took me a pretty long time to figure out how to do it right for Minnesotans.

Anyway, yes, someone started talking to me, and we chatted off and on while we both messed with our computers. Linux geek, carpenter, works at hospital. One funny thing: What is it about how I seem to gather conspiracy theorists to me? Happens everywhere I go! Oh well, at least they’re interesting. None of that stupid small-talk, or at least considerably less of it.

Right, eventually I left to get the groceries I needed and get stuff ready for dinner. Dad was home early and we munched on goat cheese some guy he knows made, drank wine, read the paper, and waited for jack and glesy to arrive. They were a bit late, and had dori with them, which was unexpected, but I’d prepped more than enough of everything, just in case.

The pizzas were a big hit. The boys each made their own and ate them all up. Jack and Glesy were pretty surprised.

After dinner we just hung around a bit. The boys played with glesy’s camera. Iver is actually really good at it. Orin was just goofing off mostly. Eventually they were too tired and so it was time to go. Dad and I stayed up chatting for another couple of hours but eventually we were tired too. I tried to read late, but was falling asleep on my iPad pretty soon.

Orin getting a cute picture of his family.

Iver wanted to take a picture of me taking a picture of him, but Orin got in the way. 🙂

Iver upside down with dad and dori.

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