Tuesday, a quiet day

Unless you count the earthquake.

I woke up early, 7ish, and was lying in bed around 745 or so when there was a noise like when the pressure change makes the doors shift. Then there was a huge vibration/shift, like the wind from last night was even stronger and a particularly hard blast had hit the house. But when I got up, dad had the news on and they eventually declared it a 4.2, near mossyrock. So there you have it, my first, if unexciting, earthquake.

Last night I discovered that I’d left my toiletry bag at jack’s. Oops. This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I’ll explain: I THOUGHT it had been in the car when i’d stopped for groceries, and I hadn’t locked the door. This is a disaster because I am allergic to cocamidapropyl betaine, a common bubbling agent, and sensitive to many other common things found in shampoo, shower gels, and even toothpaste. Before discovering this I suffered regularly from huge sores that looked like herpes in some stages and impetigo in others. Nasty, in other words. The dermatologist helped me test some products that are safe for me, and trying to replace them here would have been a nightmare. Besides, I hate going to sleep without brushing my teeth. It feels gross.

So anyway, I was feeling pretty grungy today. No plans, though, except to find out if my bag was really at jack’s, or if I’d have to do a shopping expedition.

After coffee, dad asked if I wanted to go for a walk to one of the ponds back in the woods and see if there were any ducks (or grouse). He gave me a small 20-gauge shotgun, and took something else himself. We followed bear tracks back through the woods, lots of apples in the poop, and heard a grouse once but didn’t see it. At the pond, no ducks. Dad says he’s never seen NO ducks there, so I wondered if maybe the quake had something to do with it. Nice hike, though. When we were almost back, dad challenged me to shoot a few targets, and I’m proud to say that although it’s been quite a while since I’ve handled a gun, I hit each one. Square on. Oh yeah. I was always a pretty good shot, but it has been a long time, so I expected to miss.

After lunch, dad had some projects to do, but I was sleepy, so I stayed at the house and dozed with my book. Then we went in for dinner at jack & glesy’s, and dori and her daughter joined us. After dinner I made poffertjes for dessert. Yum. Iver really loved them. 🙂

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