Yesterday, Monday

It’s Monday night.
I’m writing this from the hot tub at bill gross’ place. Dad went off to a fire meeting and won’t be back until late, so I thought, “what better opportunity?” and here I am.

At first I carried my swimsuit up here. Then I remembered that not only am I in the middle of nowhere with a hot tub, the lights are in in both my dad’s place and bill’s, and so no one’s likely to come to check out weird things either. The nearest neighbor is my 2nd cousin Doug and his wife. I can see their place from here, but only the lights. Not bad for privacy, in other words. So now I’m here in the hot tub under a cloudy sky, with the moon playing peek-a-boo. Nice.

Today I spent a little time driving around centralia, looking for a massage place. I could really use one. Yes, I know the Internet or phone book would have simplified that search a bit, but it was also entertaining to drive around town.

So I’m 2 days behind in journaling. Let’s sum up:

Yesterday I drove into town, and stopped to use the wifi in my brother’s place to check driving instructions, so that I could go visit Aimee in the hospital in Portland. Then I hit the road. About halfway there, I realized I’d forgotten to eat, so I stopped at subway. Yuck! Seriously. I will be abiding that from now on.

Got to the hospital just fine, and Aimee is definitely recovering, which I was relieved to see. I expected her to look much worse, but she actually only looked skinny. Oh, bacterial spinal meningitis, before I forget. Not good!

I only stayed about 45 minutes, because she was looking pretty understandably tired. My only other friend in town was in bed sick with a cold, or at least I hope only a cold, so I headed back north. On the way I stopped at target, just for a wander. Bad idea. Oh well.

Got back to dad’s at 4:15 or so, earlier than expected. Dori was cooking dinner, and jack, glesy and the boys were expected any time. Dinner was yummy; Chinese style pork spare ribs, sauteed chanterelles, and baked potatoes. Then we pulled out the karaoke again and got down to business. Glesy wanted me to do bohemian rhapsody again (I’d butchered it a few nights ago, to great appreciation), and jack and I tried to do in general fewer slow songs and more silly ones. Jack did a damn good job on some jewel song. Dad likes the sentimental “belly-rubbin'” songs. Orin danced and iver horses around.

I took some movies of Orin (and even dad) dancing, but no photos all day. Later I went to jack and glesy’s place, and I drove the boys while their parents went separately. It was fun; I had them screaming and holding their arms in the air with every turn (even though I was actually taking it slower than usual; I never passed the others in their car, and dori caught up to me pretty quickly in hers).

Glesy put the boys to bed, and jack and I kept on singing until we were both hoarse and butchering EVERY song we tried.

I didn’t sleep all that well.

In the morning, this morning, something had shorted on the pump for the well, so there was no water. Oh well.

I hung out with glesy until the boys came home from school, and it was really fun, actually. I think she has some things in common with matt. Well, we had a good time chatting and generally hanging out. I was really tired, though, so was glad to head out to dad’s place again (after the fruitless hunt for a massage, that is). Even better, dad wasn’t home, so I went out to get some kindling, built a fire, and sat around reading for a while.

Dad got home pretty soon, and we had dinner and tried to find the cable for the motion-detecting camera, so we could see if we’d gotten any of the bear. When it was time for dad to go to his fire meeting, he remembered that he’d last used it up at bill’s (2 cats, and a few deer while trying to get a foto of a cougar), so I came up here to get it and here I still am. 🙂

Now then, I think I’ll turn this thing off and relax in the water for awhile.

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