Saturday with Orin & Iver

Saturday, a better day

Not much really happened today. I woke up, hung out for a while with Dad, made juice and drank coffee. Then Matt called. He was happier today because things had gone well with the house-work and he feels satisfied. I’m really glad about the good day. I think he needs a lot more good days, and soon. Anyway, he was in a better mood, and that definitely helps my day start good.

I had to get off the phone because i’d promised Glesy that i’d babysit the boys, and so Dad and i headed into town to pick them up. Before leaving, we gave Bill the grocery bag full of chanterelles because he needed to head back up to Bellevue before getting a chance to pick some for himself.

So we headed into town. On the way, we passed Glesy, bringing the boys out to us. So Dad dropped me off with the boys, back at the house, and left for town to run a few errands. Glesy stayed and chatted for a little while, before heading off to work.

The boys are a blast. So funny, so creative. We were drawing and coloring, then Dad came back, and we took Bill’s little jeep thing back along the ridge and into some logging roads. We picked another bag of chanterelles and it rained on us a lot. Iver climbed into my lap for warmth, then fell asleep there, bouncing along. I can’t believe he can sleep while we bounce over big sink holes and occasional fallen branches. A deer ran across the road, and two grouse. When we got back, i thought for sure the boys would fall asleep, but no… they wanted to watch movies and cuddle on the sofa, but they didn’t fall asleep. We watched the Golden Compass, which was on TV, and soon afterwards Jack showed up to pick them up.

A pretty full day. Dad’s gone off to a Grange Hall meeting, and it’s only 8pm. I’m tired. I might be asleep by the time he’s home.

Tomorrow I might try to get down to Portland to visit Aimee and Ursula. Aimee is in the hospital with spinal meningitis, but improving. In the evening, Dori is cooking dinner, then I’ve promised Glesy that i’ll come spend the night so we can have some “sister time” after the boys go to school on Monday.

Did i mention i’m kind of dreading “sister time?” I’m not very good at it. I’d like to spend some more time with Jack, too. Maybe i can talk him into letting me see a bit of what he does for work.

Orin, Iver and Dad, driving through the woods

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