monday… as we approach thanksgiving day

my mom is super anxious to make everything perfect for thanksgiving, although there will only be 8 of us here, and i don’t think any of us are going to be judgmental of any of the things she’s worried about. but ok.

today we went over to best buy, where i bought the new macbook that i’m typing on right now. wow. i now have my very first NEW computer since the early 90’s, when i had a compaq presario as a graduation present. i’ve been trying to use it to download the new operating system for my iPad, though, and something keeps going wrong. i will have to do some research.

after best buy, we stopped at sam’s club, where we didn’t buy anything, just browsed for a while. then we went to ruby tuesday’s for lunch. our waitress had one of those irritating squeaky baby voices. what is it with that voice? irritating as fuck, is what it is.

then we went to the grocery store and stocked up on things for the week, including for thanksgiving, and walgreen’s to buy a tiny amount of bourbon for the chocolate pecan pie. i was carded. 🙂

home again, home again. mom got obsessive about cleaning the floor, i screwed around with my computer. after a few hours, i said i was needing a walk, and mom said she’d come with and bring the dogs. so we walked around, a bit further than cey walks, when he goes.

my knee has been really giving me problems. i think it’s all the sitting and driving here in new mexico. i would really like to go hiking in the hills, but i guess next time. oh well.

eventually we went to see the local highschool perform high school musical. atrocious. seriously. a couple of the kids were ok actors, and a couple were ok singers, but as a group, if any of them could have stayed in key for 2 secs it would have helped a lot. really bad. but fun to rip on.

when we got home, we hung out in the pool for a while, drinking frozen daquiris. cey had turned the temp way up, so it was seriously hot tub temperatures, and i was really happy. it eased my knee a lot. i’ll sleep better tonight.

and on that note, i think that’s it. sorry no pics today. 🙂