movie ads in my inbox – “cover-up Gothic ritual murder”

some of you know i work at a company where we are sometimes acquiring movie rights for our clients.  so we get a lot of emails with plugs for movies in distributors’ new catalogs.  here’s the top thing in my inbox this morning:

I see i didn’t make it big enough for you to see the text well… it’s the best part:

A small film team from New York is sent to Europe to make a movie about the Gothic Subculture.  The film takes the viewer deep in to the Gothic world with the music, the sensuality, vampire myths and rituals.

In the middle of production the crew loses all the material they shot so far, the reporter disappears and the movie takes on a new director with the crew in the center of the film.

Lost in Northern Europe, no more script to follow, strange text-messages, a deep secret, a cover-up Gothic ritual murder and someone is filming the rest of the team in secret on their search for the missing reporter and the tapes.

Be careful who you interview…



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