first weekend at berlinale

it’s been a rough start to my 10 days in berlin…  i got into town with too big a suitcase and took a taxi to my pension.  that part was fine, but rapidly illustrated to me that this was the first time i’ve gone to a new city without prepping a map first.  i got to my pension, but didn’t know where i was or how to get anywhere.  i’m in this turkish district south of potsdamer platz.  the food is good!

i went into potsdamer platz to get my accreditation badge and my boss’s, too, but they, as it turns out, are in the martin gropius bau, so went there, wrong entrance, around the side, lines lines lines.

lots of lines.

berlin film fest is all about lines.  you line up to get tickets, accred or public, you line up to get into movies, you line up to use computers to order online sales, which you must pick up within 15 minutes, so you must rush to the internet order pickup desk to get in line there, so that your tix are still there when you get there.

i’ve been in line with and for my boss all morning, am waiting for matt to get here, and we’re blowing this joint and rushing off to a flea market for the afternoon… i have work to do from 5pm to 7pm, then drinks/dinner/movies with the boss.  tonight: older hong kong action flick: duoluo tianshi (fallen angels).

yesterday: howl, which rocked.

later!  matt’s here!