gym bliss and workouts

yesterday i returned to the gym.  i’d been out for almost 3 months because:

  1. i re-injured (badly) my bad knee while participating in the "circuit training" activity that the trainers do for 45 minutes every day.  i could barely walk without pain and finally after 3 weeks went to see my doctor, who gave me anti-inflammatories and told me that i would need to work hard to strengthen my quadraceps, and that the trainers at my gym could help me to do that.  this was right before xmas, and my schedule was too full to hit the gym (yes, very very full), but on 28 dec,
  2. i had an appointment at the VU to remove a small bump on the inside of the same knee.  it was removed, stitches were applied, and i was told to try not to bend my knee or sweat for the next 2 weeks until the stitches came out.
  3. when the stitches were removed, the apparently closed wound popped open and was filled with pus inside so they bandaged me up and told me not to sweat or do much of anything for the next 3 weeks until i came in and had it looked at.

last week i went back to the VU and they pronounced me still needing to be careful with cleaning etc. but safe to go back to the gym and commence bicycling to work again.  so thursday i bicycled to work (felt fine) and friday i went to the gym.

several of the exercises the trainers had given me are no longer appropriate for my knee (and also my shoulder, which was injured years ago in a motorcycle accident then badly reinjured while i was kickboxing), so although marco didn’t have time to meet with me yesterday, he did give me several quick adjustments i could do, and made an appointment for me with ruud today.  so i worked out for about an hour and a half yesterday (it’s a bit slower when you have to be careful with certain things), and then went dancing (HARD) last night at the combichrist show and dj party afterwards.  my legs were killing me when i went for my appointment just a little while ago.

but i’ve got a new schema to do now and i’m looking forward to doing it.  today i was pretty much burnt out, so ruud and i just went through little practice versions of everything on it, then i took off.

tonight:  dinner at my colleague’s house and then STRANGE at ankhnaton (dance party).  yay!


  1. health club jordaan. it’s 2 min walk from my house, and the trainers always have lots of time to help you out. i like it. music sucks and i can never fit little earphones in my ears, but otherwise fine. ๐Ÿ™‚ you?

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