Month: November 2009

faith and the muse tomorrow… and me!

well, if you’re in amsterdam or nearby, you should come out to see me play tomorrow, for the first time on stage!

doors are at 3:30, Schwarzblut goes on at 4, we go on at 4:45, then Faith and the Muse at 6pm.  so, easy to get back to amsterdam by train afterward – no need for the night bus!  yay!

am i nervous?  yes… but mostly i don’t think so until i find i’m not asleep yet.  🙂

quick update on my mom

hi… i’m not sure i remember very well.  the phone rang at 3am, and it took me a few seconds to realize it was the phone ringing and not my alarm going off (i was thinking: "what? did i set my alarm on a saturday?").  then i answered it.  it was my stepdad, cey (pronounced "jay" in case you’re wondering) updating me on my mom.  he thought i’d be awake rocking out – hahahahahah!  anyway, apparently mom’s fine.  the result of the examinations was that her heart is fine, no weirdness, no clotting, no problems.  he didn’t know anything about anything related to vitamin k. the only thing they found was something to do with her gall bladder (sorry- remember i WAS asleep and quite groggy), and there will be surgery later this month (i think).  she’s going home today.

yay!  good news!

right.  i woke up earlier than expected today – matt’s phone was ringing and he was downstairs watching blake’s 7 – and chose to stay up and drink coffee because tomorrow i have to be out the door relatively early and therefore asleep tonight relatively early, so it seemed a good idea.  now, however, i’m extremely jittery (a bit TOO MUCH coffee, if that’s possible) and need to go feed dick’s cat and pick up a new pair of tights – all of mine seem to be filled with varying degrees of holes.

i’ll be posting other stuff later today – i have a few things to mention (concert tomorrow, for example). 

mom in the hospital

so i WAS going to post this funny flyer that i found in my mailbox yesterday, with commentary… but instead, i’ll mention something else:
yesterday, i got a cryptic email from my stepdad (oh yes, i’m posting about it, buddy, like it or not!) that "don’t worry – but mom’s in the hospital – probably a heart attack."  my reaction was to immediately try to reach him for more details, which i got… basically, that she’d gone in with pains in her back and arms during the night, and that he was just home briefly before going back again.

no news again until about an hour ago, when i got another message, that it was indeed a heart attack and that there were "weird blood things" and that she was still there for more tests.

i’m told that 3-5 days is normal, while they sort out proper doses of drugs, make sure everything’s really ok, etc.

so i called her in the hospital.  apparently she’s got too much vitamin k and she’s puking all the drugs they’re giving her.  so she’s tired and crabby, but she’s ok in general.

anyway, that’s what’s up…

costume confusion

i dressed up as arimbi, one of the indonesian wayang puppets (not the shadow puppets, the ones with sticks and batik skirts).  matt dressed as a green variation of frankenstein, although i tried to tell him that i think only the cartoon frankenstein was green.

people seemed to find us confusing.  they thought we were:

me:  cleopatra, mata hari, a nordic walker, "kinda chinese"
matt: the hulk, shrek


pictures if i find any.  bunches of tourists took my pic, but i’m not sure if anyone i actually know did.  wait, that’s not true… i’m sure someone did.  well, hopefully they’ll send me one.

anyway, it was a fun time even if i was exhausted.  we started by walking past winston kingdom and collecting pepijn for a drink at getto.  then we went back to winston kingdom to see the vulgarettes play.  hung out outside for a long time, then headed to a couchsurfing party on handboogstraat, which was super lame, but we got to see tami and gian’s great costumes, then we went to korsakoff for a while, and ended up at maloe melo for a long time.

note:  the ONLY person who recognized my costume was mano (sp?) whom we met while at korsakoff but ended up chatting more with at maloe melo – as it turns out he (and muriel) are friends of friends.  funny small world.