mom in the hospital

so i WAS going to post this funny flyer that i found in my mailbox yesterday, with commentary… but instead, i’ll mention something else:
yesterday, i got a cryptic email from my stepdad (oh yes, i’m posting about it, buddy, like it or not!) that "don’t worry – but mom’s in the hospital – probably a heart attack."  my reaction was to immediately try to reach him for more details, which i got… basically, that she’d gone in with pains in her back and arms during the night, and that he was just home briefly before going back again.

no news again until about an hour ago, when i got another message, that it was indeed a heart attack and that there were "weird blood things" and that she was still there for more tests.

i’m told that 3-5 days is normal, while they sort out proper doses of drugs, make sure everything’s really ok, etc.

so i called her in the hospital.  apparently she’s got too much vitamin k and she’s puking all the drugs they’re giving her.  so she’s tired and crabby, but she’s ok in general.

anyway, that’s what’s up…


  1. Goodness! Nothing like a not-specific-enough email to make you freak out! Hoping everything gets straightened out for her & she gets back to normal.

    1. yeah, it was definitely freak-out-causing, but then again, he’s freaking out too… so. there you have it. no news this morning i see. i’ll give it a few hours and see if he pops online…

  2. oh dear, that’s horrible news. i hope she’ll be well soon again. wishing you strength to deal with it all from such a distance.

    1. thanks. my boss was really sweet, “oh my god, so you’ll be heading out for winter in new mexico, then?” very nice that that was her first thought – that i’d definitely be leaving. i’m probably not, though, unless there are serious complications. just keep trying to get in touch.

      funny side effect – my stepbrother and his wife (in washington state) are actually emailing with me as a result. we all like each other; they’re just even worse than i am at keeping in touch… so this has had one positive long distance result!

  3. they cannot hyperkolemia your mom.
    that too-much-vitamin-k is like lethal injection.
    my thoughts go out to you, new textual friend.
    (my mother passed away 3 years ago due to heart failure, so i am at least profoundly familiar with maternal figures and ventricles awry.)

  4. I’m sorry to hear it. I hope that she’s better soon. (Just saw this now– sorry for the irrelevant-under-the-circumstances email this morning.)

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