costume confusion

i dressed up as arimbi, one of the indonesian wayang puppets (not the shadow puppets, the ones with sticks and batik skirts).  matt dressed as a green variation of frankenstein, although i tried to tell him that i think only the cartoon frankenstein was green.

people seemed to find us confusing.  they thought we were:

me:  cleopatra, mata hari, a nordic walker, "kinda chinese"
matt: the hulk, shrek


pictures if i find any.  bunches of tourists took my pic, but i’m not sure if anyone i actually know did.  wait, that’s not true… i’m sure someone did.  well, hopefully they’ll send me one.

anyway, it was a fun time even if i was exhausted.  we started by walking past winston kingdom and collecting pepijn for a drink at getto.  then we went back to winston kingdom to see the vulgarettes play.  hung out outside for a long time, then headed to a couchsurfing party on handboogstraat, which was super lame, but we got to see tami and gian’s great costumes, then we went to korsakoff for a while, and ended up at maloe melo for a long time.

note:  the ONLY person who recognized my costume was mano (sp?) whom we met while at korsakoff but ended up chatting more with at maloe melo – as it turns out he (and muriel) are friends of friends.  funny small world.


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