faith and the muse tomorrow… and me!

well, if you’re in amsterdam or nearby, you should come out to see me play tomorrow, for the first time on stage!

doors are at 3:30, Schwarzblut goes on at 4, we go on at 4:45, then Faith and the Muse at 6pm.  so, easy to get back to amsterdam by train afterward – no need for the night bus!  yay!

am i nervous?  yes… but mostly i don’t think so until i find i’m not asleep yet.  🙂


      1. Sadly,change of plans. Scott has been out of work so I’ve had to hustle to pay bills. Needless to say, money is no Paris this year (or at least, *this* month..I haven’t given up hope yet..perhaps in the next 6 months or so I’ll be there)

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