i’m gonna be rich!

i’m feeling very good… this week i decided to try and understand my finances a bit.  my colleague who does the accounting recommended her financial guy, and i called him.  he was just over to get an overview of our situation, mortgage, insurances, etc. etc….  he’ll contact me next week with his recommendations.  it would be cool if i’ve got anything i could invest now, with the market so low.  then i could be rich!!!  🙂 kidding, kidding, but it’s nice to be trying to get a handle on another of these confusing life things.  it’s important since i don’t have any kind of pension yet, for example.


  1. Haha, I like the picture of shrapnel. At least accountant could tell you if you can write off (on your taxes) some the improvements you two did to the house. I’m hoping i can claim the new CV ketel I bought 2 years ago and the new gutter I got this summer.

  2. Aw crap!

    Niet aftrekbaar zijn bijvoorbeeld:
    – aflossing van de eigenwoningschuld
    – bemiddelingskosten voor de aankoop van de woning, bijvoorbeeld de makelaarsprovisie
    – overdrachtsbelasting en omzetbelasting
    – notariskosten en kadastrale rechten voor de koopakte
    – bouwrente over de periode voordat de voorlopige koopovereenkomst werd gesloten
    – kosten van onderhoud en verbetering. Voor een monumentenpand kunt u onder voorwaarden wel aftrek krijgen

    linky: http://www.belastingdienst.nl/particulier/aangifte2008/werk_woning/werk_woning-58.html#P855_61439

    Unlike the IRS (BTW, be sure to file every year. You get a foreign exclusion of about $80,000 if yer in the US less than (M*** take note!) – Form 2555-EZ, goes with the 1040.)

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