allergy results (part one, as it turns out)

so.  this morning i went again to the allergist.  it turns out i reacted to:

  • Cats – shit.  i love cats.  fortunately, this was a pretty minor reaction, since i’m sorry, but i’m NOT ABOUT to stop having cats in my life.
  • Nickel – duh.  i’ve known that for about forever.  i now have big blisters on my back from it.  thanks.
  • Calendulacreme – shit.  this is my new moisturizing lotion that i’ve only been using for a couple of months, and have been very happy with. Since beginning it, i’ve had FEWER skin problems.  argh.
  • **Cocamidopropyl betaine – apparently a common ingredient in many toiletry products, including my toothpaste.  i have to go through and throw out/ give away a ton of things.  The doctors were pretty happy about this one, as it might be my real problem.

i was really angry at them, though, because after giving me THIS list, i asked if i could also have a list of what all they tested.  they DIDN’T test for the things the dermatologist specifically wanted to know about:  OTHER types of metals.  i haven’t worn anything with NICKEL on my skin since i was too little to know better, but DO wear a good amount of silver, titanium, and a little platinum.  this had been requested.  they chose, "in their expertise on likely causes" not to test these things now, because there wasn’t enough space on my back.  so now i have to wait again until september, and do this again.

another whole week of discomfort and no showers.  thanks, assholes.  thanks for listening to your patient, again.  hell, thanks for listening to your patient’s other doctors, again.  fucking hell.


  1. Well, I hope that the fourth thing turns out to be the culprit and you don’t have to do this again in September.

    And doctors suck. No doubt about it.

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