yay! what a find!

on my walk home yesterday, i took a different path than usual through the vondelpark.  and saw what looked like CHICKEN OF THE WOODS, otherwise known as SULPHUR SHELF.  yum.  i didn’t look too closely, because there’s nothing that looks remotely like it (that’s orange like that) and i didn’t have a knife with me.  i didn’t want to bring attention to it.  i’ve found it here in the netherlands 2 other times so far.  the first time was in maastricht, where i found 2 patches, picked one, was stopped in the park by a park maintenance guy, who told me that it’s poisonous (yes, but only in some people), and the next day both trees on which i’d found it had been mercilessly chopped.

the 2nd time was also in the vondelpark, about a year ago, but when i went to pick it up less than an hour later, it wasn’t there anymore.  so i was very nervous it wouldn’t be there this morning.  but it was!!!!

i didn’t take a picture, because i wanted to be quickly in and out of there, but here’s what it looks like, for those who don’t know it.  delicious sauteed with butter and salt. 

yum yum yum.  i can’t wait for dinner tonight!!!!


  1. The only time I know of Sulfur Shelf to be poisonous is when growing on Eucalypts, in which case it’s the medium rather than the fungus which is poisonous. Also, it only grows on dead or dying trees. It is way more saprophyte than parasite. Also, where you see it one year, expect to see it in the same place the next year. I know where there are some good ones. Also hedgehogs, honeys, morels, chanterelles, goat’s-beards, ink caps, candy caps, king boletes, oysters, and a whole bunch of others. I should start mapping this stuff but for now I just keep it in my head and only share with trusted fungophiles.

    1. yep, i’m going to be watching that tree in the future! and i’ve heard that the poisonous aspect is actually just a very extreme allergic reaction, only in some people.

      it was delicious, by the way. we were 7 people for dinner, and we had leftovers… that’s a LOT of shroom! i had 3 helpings… 🙂

      now if i could only find other things that i can eat growing in the parks… i’d could forage other gourmet delicacies! 🙂 i plan on hitting the blackberry brambles near station duivendrecht soon and seeing how they’re doing this year…

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