Black Mole Enchiladas

To make the mole from paste:

1/2 kg paste
1/2 kg red tomatoes + 1/4 kg tomatillos (or all as red, if tomatillos are unavailable)
50 gr. mexican chocolate (or if necessary regular chocolate)
1 lt chicken (or vegetable) broth
  1. roast the tomatoes (and tomatillos)
  2. grind the mixture in blender or food processor with some of the broth
  3. strain the mixture through a sieve into a pot (sometimes i don’t bother)
  4. heat on low/med
  5. dissolve mole paste into mixture
  6. add the chocolate (stirring very regularly – or whisking)
  7. finally add rest of broth/ salt as needed/ to taste
  8. try to keep below boiling

To prepare the enchiladas:

  1. pre-heat the oven (lowish temperature)
  2. make fillings of choice (i usually make cilantro-lime rice & some kind of black bean mixture)
  3. roll fillings in tortillas & put in a lasagna pan
  4. pour the mole liberally over the enchiladas
  5. sprinkle with cheese (optional)
  6. bake in oven until you can’t wait any longer – my centers are usually lukewarm, but hey, everything was cooked originally, so what the hell.  so long as the cheese is melted!

To serve:

  1. optional toppings include but are not limited to:  fried egg, sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo, salsa, sweet corn kernels… the choice is yours.  i’m pretty liberal with use of cilantro in ALL aspects of these various ingredients (and fillings); i love cilantro.
  2. tequila
  3. corona
  4. did i mention tequila?
  5. horchata is also yummy.


  1. Thank you!!!!!
    How much does this make?? Is this the amount you made for the 2 of us, or was that the half amount??? Or can I feel a half an army from this???

    1. i usually make 1/2 that, because most mole paste jars are half that size. but not all.

      depending on how many rolls you make, and how much mole you spread on them, you can feed a few or a lot.

      last night i made 1/2 that mole, and it covered 8 enchiladas (big ones).

      1. wow, so the amount you made for the 2 of us (i think that was 2 really big ones) would just be a couple tablespoons mole paste… hehe… those were so damn good!!!!
        I’m assuming once prepared, the mole doesn’t keep, right??

      2. you can freeze it and reheat stovetop with a bit of extra water/stock. ๐Ÿ™‚ easy peasy!

        i’d go ahead and use the whole container of paste – then freeze it in jars (or jar) depending on portions you want. at least, that’s what i usually do. if you open the jar/can and don’t use it, it will mold in not too long. same with the prepared paste. freezes just fine, though.

      3. ow… and i forgot, do you know of any place in amsterdam where one might be able to find tomatillo’s??

      4. i haven’t found them yet. tried growing them once, with only limited success. i mostly use regular tomatoes. every once in a while, i use green tomatoes with them.

      5. Have you ever used epazote in your black beans, or in anything at all. I bought some, thinking it’d be good, but I’ve never used it and now realize, I’ve actually never cooked black beans before… lol…
        I used to HATE beans as a kid, so I never learned how to cook them and now I always just use canned kidney beans for everything… I wanna do the black bean thing though, so I will, just wondering about the epazote…

      6. i never have, but i have a bunch of recipes that call for it…
        i usually just cook the beans with olive oil, lime juice, and cumin (lots of cumin). sometimes i add cheese. sometimes corn.

        you wanna come take a look at my oaxacan cookbook sometime? it’s got lots of interesting recipes using ingredients that are difficult to get here… ๐Ÿ™‚ i do a lot of substituting. i think i also picked up some epazote last time i was in new mexico, but i haven’t finished unpacking kitchen things, so i don’t know where it is.

        when i can’t get canned black beans, i use canned kidney beans. oh, and i often squash them while cooking them. and i use the liquid from the can, too. and every so often, i used dried beans, but that requires soaking overnight, and i often forget.

  2. Tasty…

    Oooh. I’m looking forward to making some of this. Where does one buy mole paste in the Lowlands?

    1. Re: Tasty…

      mwah hah hah…. therein lies the rub. i buy mine in america (mostly new mexico) and bring it back with me. you can’t even get the ingredients to make it from scratch here, that i’ve found. too many specialty mexican items.

      1. Re: Tasty…

        Well, LGG has a manager who’ll be in the US next week. She’s going to ask him if he can bring back a kilo of the goods which I’ll order online and have sent to Cleveland. Keep your fingers crossed!

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