blessed peace


i am in the office, alone!  yes, it’s amazing.  my boss is at a conference, two colleagues are on vacation, and my (temp) assistant left about 20 minutes ago.  ahhhhhhh……

this is not the best day for this, as i stayed up way too late last night reading ("Labyrinth" by Kate Mosse).  still, i may actually get something done.

news in short:

  • wave gotik treffen was GREAT this year.  saw good music, saw good friends, drank, ate, had a good time. thanks to gea & garry for luggage transport again!!!!
  • my road trip to the balkans was also good – although too short.  spent too much time getting there and back, and missed slovenia altogether.  really enjoyed serbia, bosnia-herzogovina, and croatia, though.  took small highways and backroads almost entire time (including the to/from, which is why that part took so long).  next time:  train the bike somewhere?
  • last week/weekend:  worked long long hours, began editing a friend’s latest novel, attended a really fun wedding party (including boat ride & yummy dinner) on saturday, and celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on sunday and kind of on monday.  Monday was stolen by the LONG-AWAITED arrival of our tile order at the kitchen store.  finally we can work on finishing up the kitchen!!!!
  • tonight:  mole enchiladas!  yum!
  • thursday:  my (temp) assistant will be dj’ing at pacific parc.  i will go and have a listen.
  • friday: beer club then onderstroom
  • saturday: i’m pretty sure there’s something on saturday, but i forget what… will have to check calendar

so now…  i’m going to try to get some WORK done!!!  all’s quiet!!!!



  1. Tiles!

    The way you talked on Saturday night, I figured some poor bloke in a venezuelan hovel had just received the order to make them and his kiln only fit two tiles at a time. In other words: W00t!

    I too stayed up way too late last night reading, though for me it was Adam Ant’s autobiography.

  2. yummm your mole enchiladas are awesome!!! (still want the recipes, i bought some dona maria while I was in colorado!) oh, and did Merly change her number, tried calling a couple times and left messages, but nothing (oh, and does she speak Dutch?? or English?? or something else entirely?)

    1. hi! shit! i will make a note RIGHT NOW to bring the recipes with me tomorrow and email you…
      and merly is still around, but: i think she doesn’t speak dutch, her english isn’t great, and honestly, her cleaning’s going downhill. we are replacing her. she’s filipino, so if you happen to speak tagalog or whatever her dialect is… 🙂

      suddenly forget timelines: are you in the hospital already?

      1. Thanks!!! Can’t wait to make ’em!!! And if you hear/know of any other good cleaning person, please let me know, I hate cleaning myself, it must stop!!! 😉

    1. OH! that IS sadness! where will we be able to see you next? don’t know when we’ll get to london, but…
      you never know!

      1. Well you’re always welcome to crash at ours if you make it over!

        All our social plans are pretty much on hold til the kitten recovers from his broken leg… at least it gives me a chance to save some money to go somewhere fun!

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