last night’s dream

so, in real life,

  is making bookshelves for the new apartment of   and b. 

in my dream,   proudly showed me the results, via photo:  the original, the problem, she said, was that they’ve been storing everything in this old army duffel (she showed me a picture).  but

  had done for her a new design, which she was very excited about:  a very space age, hanging duffel thing that looked a lot like a heavy bag…. right.

then i was looking around their new apartment (in the dream), and i saw that indeed   and b. are having a very difficult time with storage solutions – they had clothes and things crammed pretty much into anything that could hold anything.  they’d even managed to hide some clothes behind the screen of a very old-fashioned but huge TV.

really, that’s the whole dream, as it was a lot of images of things everywhere.  🙂


 , good luck with the installation, or are you all finished this week?  and  , girl – i hope your real life situation doesn’t feel like that.  and feel better!