surreality and socializing

yesterday was long and strange.
i spent the morning with matt, talking and getting him ready to go home to his dad.  and discussing timeline for when he thinks i should come.  he says that he’d like to see for himself first and then he’ll let me know.  this could be days, or it could be months.  … i feel kind of useless about this.  when matt was still resisting the idea of going, my job was clear:  get him on a plane.  having done that, i’m at a loss.

then i went to work.  work has been extremely stressful lately.  my assistant is on holiday and soon on maternity leave, so i’ve been training in a temporary replacement.  on top of this, one of my colleagues is leaving and i’m taking on a lot of her responsibilities.  on top of that, we’re coming up on one of our major conferences/markets, which i’ll be attending, and not only do i need to prep normally for that, it’s one of that colleague’s normal responsibilities to handle the coordination of our whole team effort, and i’ve taken over that too.  all this is fine, actually – i’ve been managing, and even feeling positive about it, because i like my new roles.  however, the leaving colleague chose yesterday to spew her issues all over me.  nice.

after work i ran errands about the work we’re doing on the house – trying to get to 2 shops before they closed, because their information has been holding up the work.  success there, which is good.

then i went home to try to find interesting clothes to dress up my friend anne, who decided to attend ghost ship with me, patrick, and patrick’s friend solomon.  while i was messing around with that, dick came over and kept me company.  he left a little later, and anne, patrick & solomon showed up.  we went to dinner at the turkish place on my street, then came back & got ready to go.  anne never wears makeup and never styles her very thick and heavy hair, so it was kind of fun doing that.  we took pictures so she can show her mom, who thinks that people who dress in any gothic fashion are devil worshipers.  heh.

GHOST SHIP was FANTASTIC… i hadn’t been to stubnitz before, but matt had told me about it from the one time he’d been.  excellent venue, excellent music in 3 rooms (noise/industrial, ebm/dancier stuff, trad goth/punk/etc), plus smoking deck.  i danced in all rooms a bunch & talked to lots and lots of people.  thanks to everyone for a great time!  i also didn’t talk to a few people who i recognized but couldn’t think of why, and a few people that were very busy when i saw them, and i didn’t want to interrupt.  everyone i did speak to, of course, wanted to know where matt was, or they already knew and wanted to know why i wasn’t there too.  well, we’ll see. 

i found anne, patrick & solomon on the smoking deck sometime around 3, and they wondered if i was about ready to go in maybe 20 minutes or so.  i said i was ready anytime, now, or in 3 hours.  it’s been a while since i’ve enjoyed a night out quite that much, where i can be satisfied and ready to go but at the same time still ready for more.  πŸ™‚  but when i got home, showered, checked to see if matt was on skype, and got my damn dreads dried, i was exhausted and fell asleep with my hand on Cat, which he hates.  he much prefers active petting or just leaving him the hell alone.  πŸ˜›

tonight, unless plans change unexpectedly, i will go to Strange, at Ankhnaton.  After that, I plan on being tremendously exhausted and relaxing for the rest of my weekend.  which, once i’ve woken up, won’t be very much. πŸ™‚

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